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Checklist for Choosing a Virtual PBX

Investing in a virtual PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken without all the facts in place. Even though Internet based communication solution can help you connect with customers, work remotely and even run virtual offices, there...

Equipment for VOIP Phone System

What equipment do I need for Hosted VOIP Phone System? Having discussed hosted VoIP, let us now focus on our second question for the day. Before receiving or making calls using VoIP, a hardware set up is essential. Mentioned below is a list of equipment required for...

Hosted VOIP Phone System

What is Hosted VoIP ? Traditionally known as hosted PBX, hosted VoIP phone system is referred to as an internet delivered phone system offered by a host and/or a telephone service provider. A hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) delivers a telephone system utilizing...

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