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The world of VoIP is one filled with growth. By 2021, Gartner expects overall VoIP and cloud-based telephone rates to reach 40.8%. Not only does this demonstrate the potential for tremendous growth, but it also indicates how much the industry still must grow.

A new development has rocked the business landscape in western Voip phone service market. Yealink and Cebod Telecom has partnered with the intention of realizing the potential of the VOIP market.

So why is this so significant?


California is the Heart of the Business Market

Yealink is a company known for offering enterprise communication and collaboration solutions. Cebod Telecom is a leading business phone service provider, thus making their partnership a natural one.

These two giants in the communications industry now form a partnership that could very well dominate the unified communications market.

Same Industry, Different Services


Yealink and Cebod Telecom are distinct in that they offer slightly different services. By combining the power of Yealink’s voice over communication solutions  and Cebod Telecom’s business phone service packages, this partnership has the power to rock the California market. They also have the potential to easily move their VoIP offerings into non-traditional settings. For example, VoIP can also be used by doctorstax offices, and small business owners to easily stay in touch.

Cebod Telecom will now have access to this technology through its partnership with Yealink, thus enabling it to build even better products.Cebod Telecom is excited to be a partner of Yealink, and we look forward to introducing Yealink’s wide portfolio, including IP phones and conferencing solutions to our customer database. Our aim is to build a strong partnership with Yealink that will address the new and future needs of the Unified Communications,” says Jai Rangi, founder of Cebod Telecom.

Catching the Wave at the Right Time

Partnerships happen all the time in the business world, but what makes this one so significant is its timing. VoIP is exploding and to see two massive brands come together is huge for the industry in California. These two companies have seen the opportunity and jumped at it before anyone else. This is expected to give Californian businesses and individuals the ability to revolutionize the way they communicate.

However, only time will tell as to the impact of this partnership, and how far the partnership may be expanded going forward.



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