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Press Release

Cebod Telecom Now Provides Cost Effective Business Phone Service To Small And Mid Sized Businesses

Wednesday, 9th September 2015 – The company is on a streak of providing added solutions and benefits with their cost effective business phone service. In addition to improving communication with clients and within organizations, the service also offers unlimited user extension for every phone line and internet services. Read More


Cebod Technology Introduces Cloud based Business Phone System

Set 9, 2015 -Business owners looking for a business phone system have to be certain that the telecoms company they will choose has a reputation for top notch quality and unparalleled reliability. These two qualities are extremely important, seeing that a high performance telephony system serves as the framework of communications within and outside of the organization. Unfortunately, since most small business owners only have limited resources, many of them can only afford the cheapest, which often does not provide them with the features and capabilities they really need. This is where Cebod Telecom comes into play. Read More

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