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Business T1 Broadband Service

Small businesses with high traffic internet usage can rely on T1services. The reliable T1 Internet access provide fast speed for high productivity with flexible IP address, and is scalable and flexible to accommodating growing needs of your business.There are 2 different bandwidth options available to choose from. T1 broadband internet service combined with Cebod Telecom Virtual Business Phone Solution can lead your business to success.

  •  T1 service is an ideal solution for businesses requiring less demanding bandwidth needs, offering symmetric speeds of 384 and 768 Kbps and 1.5 Mbps.
  • Bonded T1 service is the solution for those businesses requiring greater bandwidth, offering symmetric speeds of up to 12.0 Mbps.

Reliable and responsive, authentic T1 / Bonded T1, so you  can run your business smoothly and not worry about Internet access disruption.

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Business DSL

Small to medium businesses and companies can access high-speed Internet with comprehensive, managed nationwide dedicated DSL network to reach prospective customers effectively and efficiently.

DSL dedicated business internet creates flexibility for remote employees, telecommuters, branch offices, single-person offices needing high-speed Internet access for large file transfers, online collaboration and video conferencing services. DSL services can be delivered either as line-shared or dedicated-line services along with internet phone services provided by Cebod Telecom as business phone service provider.

Get up to 15.0 Mbps download speed and 1.0 Mbps upload speed. DSL is ideal for remote employees, telecommuters, branch offices and single-person offices needing high-speed Internet access for web-based research, large file transfers, online collaboration.

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Business Ethernet

Are you a business with multiple locations? If yes, then business Ethernet over cooper is a best choice for your business requiring frequent and secure data collaboration between offices. Ethernet service provides reliable larger bandwidth with low latency, for high performance at a cost effective price.

Connect multiple office locations and keep your WAN traffic secure and protected within the Cebod Telecom network. Prioritize business and real-time data streams like voice and video. Business Ethernet provides more business-class bandwidth than T1 or Bonded T1 service at a much lower cost.

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Get Internet Services Bundled with Business Phone Service at  a very Cost Effective Price.

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√ Static IP Address

With static IP address, you can download and uploads files from your secure  office network easily.VPN (Virtual Private Network)  allows employees to remotely access applications. Business website is able to respond to queries for your domain name.

√ Internet Options

Select the BEST Internet service solution for your business from DSL, T1, or Ethernet.

√  Telecommuters

Keep your off-site employees productive, equip them with  fast Internet speeds, advanced security, and 24-hour business support.

√  Business Wi-Fi

WiFi is Included with  your Business Internet Service for your staff.

√Support 24/7

Cebod Telecom provides support 24/7 for all its customers. Our technical team is always  to any questions and to ensure connections are up and running.

Still have questions?  Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-839-3817 or drop an  email to