Impress your callers, never miss a call

With multiple call management options, give the red carpet treatment to your caller

Auto Attendant

This feature functions like a full-time receptionist. It allows callers to interact with the auto-attendant who guides them through the menu options. Like dialing the desired extension number of a specific employee or pressing 1 for customer support and 2 for sales.

Custom Greeting

Custom greeting enables businesses to record a personalized business phone greeting to announce every time to callers on local or toll free numbers. It ensures that the callers are not greeted with a fuzzy answering machine or a standard voicemail message.

Music on Hold

This feature of a VoIP phone system allows you to select music of your choice to play when callers are being transferred or they are waiting on hold. This feature ensures the callers stay on the line and don’t hang up. Normally most callers on hold hang up within a minute if there is complete silence or just a beeping tone.

Dial by Name Directory

Dial by name directory enables callers to find the right employee quickly and easily. It can be configured in one of 2 ways, dialing by first name- the first three letters of the party’s first name or dialing by last name.

Time of Day Routing

Time of day routing routes calls to different locations based on the time of day when a call is made. It can help you cater to maximum number of clients in different time zones.

Local Phone Numbers

Local phone number feature is great for businesses to create virtual local presence in different countries and cater to that market. It helps users to select a local number by area code across countries and give the business a local presence even if it does not exists there physically.

Tollfree Numbers

The toll free feature allows businesses to create a toll-free number encouraging potential customers to call. It functions like a free phone for callers as the toll free subscriber is billed for the incoming calls.

Call Transfer

Like the name suggests, it allows you to transfer incoming calls from one phone to the phone or extension at the press of a button.

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