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Cebod Telecom has been providing business with  best VOIP business phone service for last few years. These days, where the competition among businesses becomes more and more demanding, small business entrepreneurs need a communication platform that will bring out the full potentials of their type of industry. Now, Cebod Telecom also offers internet services throughout the USA along with Cloud-based Business Phone System.

Now, the search of business entities for a top of the line telephone system is over. Cebod Telecom founders, Kunal Mittal and Jai Rangi are more than aware that saving time, money, and efforts are the three main elements in the business operations. This is the reason why Cebod elevates the quality and convenience of phone system for business. They strongly believe that enabling mobility and global connectivity with at your side can empowered your business productivity.

Cebod Telecom in-house cloud based internet phone technology highlights incredible feature that are far affordable than the on-site PBX. Using the Cebod Telecom VOIP telephone system, businesses have greater opportunities to take advantage of the amazing features, without investing in a PBX or managing it.

There are so many reasons why several small business owners are switching to the business phone services offered by Cebod Telecom. The following are some of them:

Unmatchable Price– We offers relatively lower charges per phone line subscriptions and doesn’t mandate to have same number of phone lines as number of employees in the company.

Unlimited ExtensionsWith unlimited user, businesses experience a better than ever phone system at a price that will help cut the overall expenditures of their business. This is something that will greatly contribute to the uprise of many businesses.

Flexibility for Growth– Pairing up with Cebod Telecom’s Cloud-based phone system gives flexibility for start ups or small businesses to expand without ever investing in another expensive business phone system. Businesses can create a wide array of extensions. Adding direct numbers of extensions only demands for a few clicks. In addition, it will only take a few minutes for new users/extensions to be provisioned.

Complete Mobility– Regardless whether contacts are gathered within a single premise or dispersed across the region, everyone in the organization will be able to operate with a single phone system. A business owner may even assign a single number of the business with several departments and extensions. Everything can be configured through a desktop computer of any other mobile devices.

Enhanced Functionality– Cebod’s cloud-based VOIP phone system offers greater functionality. In contrast with typical landlines, the VoIP technology allows the business entrepreneur or staff in the department or extensions to continue its operations. They can modify answering protocols, access fax messages and voicemails, receive and view calls, and much more.

Internet Services-. Now Internet services are also provided throughout county, making Cebod Telecom Business Phone Ssytem a complete package deal.

Cebod Telecom is truly here to help small businesses grow. With the continuing innovations that Cebod’s Cloud-based phone system pursues, more companies will be able to experience that the telecommunications industry has to offer.


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