Phone System for Local and State Government Offices

 Improve government communication systems in a smart and cost-effective manner with our affordable, high quality cloud phone services for government agencies.

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Our cloud phone services are designed to meet the needs of local and state governments, with Internet service and all-inclusive phone features offered at an affordable rate. With Cebod Telecom’s cloud phone service for government agencies, enjoy all of the features needed to run operations smoothly and effectively. It’s the most simple and effective way to improve communication services at the local and state levels.


Cebod Telecom provides high performance phone services and systems for government agencies that won’t compromise on quality, yet still keeps costs manageable and affordable. Our cloud phone services are ideal for local and state government agencies.We provide a phone service for government agencies with all premium PBX features for one affordable price. Governments can manage costs and maintain their budget with our all-inclusive features. The virtual phone services saves up to 80% on monthly phone bills. We also provide internet services throughout USA at competitive prices.

All-Inclusive Features

Cebod Telecom is proud to offer a cloud phone service solution with all of the features that government agencies need today. There’s no need to worry about choosing and paying for individual services with our exclusive all in one plan. Everything that local and state governments need to ensure effective operations, we can provide with our virtual phone system. Features include: phone numbers with unlimited user extensions, call management, voicemail to email, and traditional fax services, just to name a few. You won’t have to sift through features to select the appropriate ones, because they are all included in our service plan.

Reliable Service

We offer reliable service that our clients can count on. Business phone system for government services that can be relied upon, day in and day out, just what government facility needs. Seamless communication between departments, agencies, and coworkers which is critical at the government level, especially when it comes to areas like law enforcement, healthcare, emergency services, and more. Employees can carry out their jobs and focus on their duties without worrying about unreliable connections and spotty service. We offer support when you need it with this completely managed cloud phone system by our technical team.

Plans and Pricing

Pay for certain number of phone lines required, not for every user in the company. Receive premium features with every phone plan and support for one or multiple business locations.

What We Do Best

Some of the testimonials which can help you understand our commitment to our customers.

We had never before experienced such a service. We are now on a yearly contract and will renew our commitment for a longer period when current contract expires. CEBOD is a trusted and valued partner providing us with exceptional service at an unbeatable price point.
Christopher R. Blair Laing

President, Group One Northwest, Inc.

Never experienced a better cistomer service from ANY other company. Sam, Ashish, and Kunal are simply the best at resolving issues that inevitably will come up when you switch to a new VOIP company. They spent probably more than 4 hours with me on the phone in 2 days , setting everything up,and coming ip with solutions to every request I’ve made. Great guys and awesome businessmen. I’m recommending them to everyone.

Dr. Sharkov

Owner, Smile Center

CEBOD Telecom, offered complete solution for our phone system, at a competitive price. For less than the price that we were paying just for the local phone service, they offered us with a full-hosted PBX plus phone service. Thank you Cebod Telecom for excellent phone service and support at every step.
Sameer Sharma

Co-Founder, CFO, EA, RTRP, S. Sharma Tax, Inc.

Information Security

Using a cloud phone system, implies being hosted in the cloud. This means that data is stored in a secure server and is accessible at all times and nothing is lost in situation of power outage or disruption of services. Cebod Telecom is compliant with the U.S. Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) and Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) regulations.

Best for Government Agencies

Cebod Telecom Cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud, helping government agencies to have huge savings on hardware, equipment, maintenance and labor. The entire phone system is maintained and managed by us. Receive phone numbers and begin using phone services in few clicks.

Support and Maintenance of Phone System for Tax Offices

With Cebod Telecom Business Phone System you get Rollover Lines, Follow Me, Find Me Record every phone conversation, 3-Way Calling, Fax
Block Telemarketing Call, Call Logs, Call Queue And Much More

Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of paying per phone line? Does your business need unified communications but can’t find the right answer?Our low cost phone service for with all basic and advanced features is the answer.

What is the cost difference between onsite and hosted phone system?
Onsite PBX comes with both visible and hidden costs. The hardware and phones are visible expenses but PBX licensing, setting, implementation etc. are some of other costs which indirectly increases TCO (Total cost of ownership) then what is expected in the first place. On average, a company can save up to 80% or more by switching to cloud.
How will cloud based services help me connect different offices?
With on-site phone system, business exchange lines such as MPLS, PSTN are required to establish communications between two sites, or among multiple sites and requires hiring of technical staff for each office location. Our multiple office business phone system takes away this burden off your shoulders and provides seamless communications between offices. We manage and maintain your phone system by hosting it within our remote data center.  Learn More


Need a reliable business phone system for multiple offices?
Our office phone system is right for you! Your clients will call one desired local or toll free phone number to reach your business and can be directed to sales team in Los Angeles, support in New York or after hours calls in India. Manage all phone lines under one online account and one invoice.
Does subscribing to Cebod Telecom business phone service require changing phone numbers?
No! You are not required to change existing phone numbers. We can port your existing toll-free or local phone numbers from another service provider to Cebod Telecom, free of charge without any delay or downtime.
What phone features come with multiple office business phone system?

Our business phone service empowers your office with the best enterprise level voice, shared lines, 3-way conference, sequential calling, rollover calls, cloud phone features, business PBX features and enhanced user experience. There are endless possibilities and ways of using 40+ all-inclusive PBX features. The wide range of phone service options at no extra cost allows a business to grow exponentially without ever investing again in a completely new phone system

What kind of internet is needed for using office phone system?
Our phone service works with any strong bandwidth internet connection. Along with this phone service for small to mid- size companies, we also provide internet services throughout the USA. You can use your existing internet service to use with Cebod Telecom office business phone service.
How much does it cost to get all hosted PBX features?
We offer all basic and premium features for every new phone service line purchased with us. There is no hidden fee or extra cost for additional features or upgrades ever. You only pay for the business phone service lines and the rest all comes with it, irrespective of number of phone lines bought.
What expenses are associated with multiple office business phone system?

The costs associated with premise based phone system for each office is more than the initial capital expense of basic hardware and phone sets for all the offices. Some of the common costs are PBX hardware, initial licensing, maintenance, hardware, firmware and software upgrades, separate local and toll free numbers or Fax number.

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Implementing a single phone system is one of the smartest things that your company can do, especially as you grow and expand into new locations. With one multiple office business phone system for all office locations, your company can run smoothly, improve the customer experience, and enjoy an affordable, secure and dependable service options.