Call Tracking

Cebod Telecom’s inbound Call Tracking feature allows you to track effectiveness of every business marketing campaign by assigning a unique toll-free number to each advertising campaign and linking it with google analytic tool.

Call Tracking

The biggest advantage of time based routing is that your business phone is capable of handling calls automatically. This leads to greater client satisfaction. Share call details with the team or you can record messages during office hours and off hours. Email notifications for every call or record every incoming call along with whisper message to agents on transfer.

Call tracking is a common feature in many business phone services. Here are some ways that call tracking can be implemented in a business phone system:

1. Unique phone numbers: One approach to call tracking is to use unique phone numbers for different advertising channels or campaigns. For example, a business might use a different phone number on their website, in their print ads, and in their email signature. By tracking which phone numbers are receiving the most calls, the business can determine which channels are most effective.

2. Call logs: Business phone services can also provide detailed call logs that include information about the date, time, duration, and caller ID of each call. This information can be used to track call volume, identify busy periods, and monitor customer service performance.

3. Analytics: Some business phone services offer call analytics that provide insights into call volume, call duration, and other call metrics. These analytics can help businesses identify trends and patterns in customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions about marketing and customer service strategies.

4. Integrations: Call tracking data can be integrated with other business tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems or marketing automation platforms. This allows businesses to see a more complete picture of customer interactions across all channels.

Call Tracking helps thrive your business.

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