E911 Or 911 Call

Empower your business phone system to deal with Emergency.

E911 Or 911 Call

The E911 system is designed to improve emergency response times by providing more accurate location information to emergency services. This can be especially important in situations where the caller is unable to communicate their location, such as if they are in a car accident, lost, or experiencing a medical emergency.

All the phone numbers and extensions can make a 911 call. When making a 911 call from your office phone you are connected to the emergency services where you are asked to provide your details prior to reporting the issue. E911 stands for Enhanced 911. When you make an E911 call all your business details like Business Name, Business Phone Number, Business Address are passed to the emergency services prior to your call being connected.

E911 is required by law for all telecommunications carriers and VoIP service providers in the United States. It is also available in Canada and some other countries. However, the level of accuracy and availability of E911 can vary depending on the technology used by the carrier and the location of the caller.

E911 helps thrive your business.

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