Follow Me

Always be reachable and approachable. With Follow me feature, your office travels with you. Use this feature to redirect your incoming business calls to a preferred phone number when away from your desk or extension.

Follow Me

The "follow me" feature is a call forwarding feature that is often included in business phone systems. This feature allows you to forward incoming calls to a series of phone numbers, such as your mobile phone or another extension, until the call is answered or goes to voicemail.

The follow me feature is particularly useful for businesses with employees who are frequently on the go or who work remotely, as it ensures that calls are answered even if the employee is not at their desk. With follow me, incoming calls can be routed to the employee's mobile phone, home phone, or any other designated phone number.

The feature is typically customizable, allowing you to set the order in which the system attempts to reach you, the number of rings before forwarding the call, and which phone numbers are included in the sequence. Some business phone systems also allow you to set up follow me based on your availability, so calls are only forwarded to your mobile phone or other numbers during specific hours or days of the week.

Follow Me helps thrive your business.

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