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Chicago skyline in watercolor

Chicago Phone Numbers- 773, 847, 312,

630, 331, 872, 779

Why not establish a ghost presence with a local phone number in Chicago? With our integrated phone system service – it could definitely mean the start of success for your small business! Get local numbers not only for Chicago but also for all neighboring towns and different cities in state of Illinois.

Advantages of choosing Cebod Telecom Local Chicago Phone Numbers?  

  • Get Windy city Chicago local phone numbers with any area codes
  • Feel of  larger  presence without relocating to Chicago
  • You get one free local phone number or toll-free number for every business phone line purchased
  • Complete phone package-preconfigured phones, internet  and technical support
  •  Free of charge Porting of Existing  Chicago Phone Numbers to Cebod Telecom
  • All- inclusive phone features with best suited phone plans
  • Business phone service best suited for any small to mid size business
  •  Availability of local phone numbers and toll-free numbers throughout USA and Canada.


Own Business in Windy City of Chicago

Get Phone Numbers in state of Illinois.

With a local Chicago phone number, you are positioning your small business in a big city – making it sound optimistic and more reliable. Be found on yellow pages, white pages or any search directory in Chicago. Everyone contacting you will be able to reach you through a Chicago local phone number – which will obviously be directed to your home office in your real location.


How do I order  Chicago local phone numbers ?

Signup on our portal, then the  system will prompt you to choose a number for every phone line purchased.

Do you provide local numbers for any other city ?

Yes, we provide local numbers for all cities, towns, counties in the country and also Canada.

What is the advantage of having a local number?

People trust and are more willing to do business with companies which exist in their own city. Trustworthy services or businesses are found  locally through search engines such as google, yahoo etc. or  by reviews on yelp, four square, white or yellow pages. Having a local number will surely put you ahead in the game .

Can I get Chicago phone numbers with different area codes?

You can get as many local numbers with different area codes as you need. Each phone line comes with one local or toll free phone number. There is a  minimal charges of $3.99 per month  for additional numbers bought. All are phone numbers includes all basic and premium features.

Can I port numbers from another vendor to you?

Yes, you can port numbers from outside to us  for free of charge. We offer our customers totally free of cost with no downtime porting of  their desired phone numbers.