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Rollover Calls

Rollover calls is also a feature that may be offered by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers, which allows customers to carry over unused call minutes from one billing period to the next.

Similar to traditional telecommunication companies, VoIP providers may offer this feature to their customers to help them save money and avoid losing unused minutes. For example, if a customer has a monthly VoIP plan that includes 500 call minutes, and they only use 400 minutes in a given month, the remaining 100 minutes can be carried over to the next month. This means that the customer would have a total of 600 minutes to use in the next month.

However, it's important to note that not all VoIP providers offer rollover calls, and the terms and conditions of this feature may vary depending on the provider. Some providers may limit the number of minutes that can be carried over, or require customers to use the carried-over minutes within a certain timeframe. It's recommended to check with your VoIP provider to see if they offer this feature and what the terms and conditions are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rollover calls?

Incoming calls are answered simultaneously without any delay.

How many phone lines are needed for using rollover feature?

One line per caller is needed to use the rollover feature. If you want to allow 5 simultaneous calls to be handled at the office without getting busy signals. Then you will need five phone lines.

Does VOiP phone service supports rollover calls?

We understand that rollover calls are very important to your business, We 100% support rollover calls and provide it at no additional cost to the phone service. It comes free with every phone line.

Do i need a different phone number for each incoming call to use rollover feature?

The biggest benefit of using rollover feature is that you just need one main phone number for the callers to call. You don’t need separate phone number for each call. All callers will call the same office number provided by you. The additional phone lines do have their own phone numbers and can be dialed directly.

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