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Rollover Calls

Make the most out of incoming calls without your caller EVER getting the ‘busy’ signal”.

  • Simple to set up and manage
  • When a callers dials your business phone number, if the line is busy, then the call is automatically transferred (rollover) to the next line and hence forth.
  • Similar to traditional multiline phone system
  • Excellent call quality
  • Business phone system come with all-inclusive phone features including roll over
  • No extra cost to use rollover feature

Never Get a Busy Signal


How can the rollover call feature be set up?

Also known as hunt groups, Rollover setup can be configured through the online phone portal. Configure, both Call Forward Busy and Call Forward Always to forward the calls to the next available phone line.

How many phone lines are needed to use rollover feature?

One line per caller is needed to use the rollover feature. For example, if you want to allow 5 simultaneous callers to call your office without getting busy signals. Then you will need five phone lines.

Do I need different phone numbers for each incoming calls to use rollover feature?

No, you don’t need separate phone number for each call. All callers will call the same office number provided by you.


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