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Running a business from multiple locations can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. One such issue is telecommunications. Is that traditional phone system really delivering the service you need at an affordable price?

You may have heard of VoIP and you may be wondering what VoIP is. This is a type of communications system that uses traditional handsets but utilizes the technology of today to provide crystal clear audio and visual quality. All you need is a handset and a strong Internet connection.

Remember, call quality is important to your business, so this guide is going to show you how VoIP can help you run a phone service for multiple office locations.


Get Right Calls to the Right People


There’s nothing more annoying for a customer than calling one number only to find that they must call another number instead. If you’re using a traditional phone line, this problem is exasperated over multiple locations.

VoIP offers a type of feature like call queue, call transfer and call hunting. You may sometimes hear it referred to as line hunting. It’s a method of distributing calls from a single telephone number to the right person. In other words, your client will gain access to a specialist every time. And you’ll waste less time trying to get the right person on the phone.

These days, VoIP uses algorithms to automatically route the call to the right person. These algorithms are only becoming more accurate.


Deal with Office Closing Hours


As a business today, you’re expected to make yourself available at every hour of the day. Despite how unreasonable this is, customers demand it anyway.

Did you know that 89% of businesses compete primarily on customer service, rather than any other aspect of business?

Part of this is making yourself available. Customers demand it. One way to deal with this is to take advantage of time-based routing. This means that your VoIP system will reroute calls during closing hours. They could be rerouted to an emergency phone line, such as a phone you have at home.

Alternatively, you may simply decide to use a professional voice mail greeting to explain the situation.


Reducing  Workload of Your Customer Service Department


One of the big problems growing businesses have is they don’t have the staff to deal with customers in good time. Again, this can lead to complaints.

So, an option for all your locations is to use ring groups as part of your VoIP system. How does it work? It means that when a customer calls a number, they’re calling multiple phone lines. If someone is busy, then someone else can take the call instead.

Even work distribution across multiple office locations will lead to a better service for customers and a better work environment for your customer service team.


Present a Professional Face to Your Customers


It takes just seven seconds for a first impression to form. Therefore, professionalism is essential when considering whether your telecommunications system is suitable for your business.

One VoIP feature you can take advantage of is the auto attendant. The auto attendant is a professional method for directing customers to where they need to be.

Cebod Telecom, a VoIP providers has a variety of default options or  also allow you to create a customized voice greeting. You have full control over this feature.


Why You Will Save Money Through VoIP


The costs of a traditional telephone system spiral every time you open a new location. Laying down a phone line is expensive. The more you grow the more you pay.

VoIP phone service offers a scalable solution that can be used across multiple locations. It can even be connected to portable handsets, home phone lines, desktops phones in different locations so you can continue to take calls even if you’re out of the office. You can continue to use the same number as before.


Revolutionize Your Telephone System Today


If you want to operate a streamlined telecommunications system across multiple offices without the hassle, VoIP phone service has you covered.

With 50 plus features you just can’t get through traditional telephone systems, you have full control over your business. Plus, you can maintain customer service standards and ensure that your employees have a more convenient system to use.

Have you looked into installing VoIP phone service yet?








Phone Service for Office

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What is Dental Practice Management Software? Thu, 16 May 2019 16:20:59 +0000 The post What is Dental Practice Management Software? appeared first on Cebod Telecom.


practice management software

Dental practice management software is the next level in managing your dental practice. You’ll be able to form better relationships with patients and ensure that you spend less time at the front desk and more time doing what you do best.

If you want better reviews, less administration, and a better experience for patients then you can’t live without management software for your dental practice.

Spend Less Time at the Front Desk

  • Cancelled appointments, providing between visit care, and reminding patients when they should book another appointment are all regular administrative considerations for dental practices.
  • The solution was always a choice between spending your hours at the desk or hiring someone else to do it, which is expensive.
  • But now management software will do this automatically for you.

Allowing Patients More Control

  • Management software also comes with a front end, where patients can plug directly into a portal designed specifically for them.
  • They can book appointments directly, pay their invoices, and ask their dentist questions.
  • Management software gives patients unparalleled access to their dentist.

Improving Practice Reputation

  • The private dental business is extremely competitive.
  • By making the lives of patients easier, you’re automatically improving the reputation of your practice.
  • Dental clinics that implement this type of software see an increase in their overall review ratings.
  • This ultimately leads to more business and a bigger bottom line for you.

Making Marketing Easier

  • As the owner of a dental practice, you’re responsible for marketing your business.
  • The latest in dental practice management software also comes with tools for making sure that patients stay with the practice.
  • This includes sending communications relevant to them.It also analyzes trends, so you can do more of what works.

Take Patient Care to the Next Level

  • It’s a fact that the average person doesn’t know the ins and outs of proper oral care. And that can leave patients feeling frustrated when something goes wrong, or they may even blame their dental care provider.
  • But all that is set to change with practice management software.
  • Deliver useful communications to patients with tips and tricks on how to make sure that they don’t have to come back for further care anytime soon.
  • These communications can be tailored according to the specific patient, using advanced analytics provided by your management software.

Everything in One Place

  • The problem with many software options is they only cover some of the bases.
  • They don’t include everything that you need to do, so you need to invest in and manage multiple software options at once.
  • A true dental practice management software suite will cover everything. Now you can manage every aspect of your practice from a single portal.
  • That’s going to save you hours of your time and make you more effective at what you do.


Last Word – Improving Your Practice Like Never Before

  • Your practice is set to be more efficient, less time-consuming, and more profitable.
  • A simple investment in the most advanced dental practice management software on the market is guaranteed to boost your business.
  • Send appointment reminders to boost your practice.

Have you tried using dental practice management software yet?





VOIP Business Phone Service


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Is VOIP Good Choice for Multiple Office Locations? Tue, 14 May 2019 20:54:34 +0000 The post Is VOIP Good Choice for Multiple Office Locations? appeared first on Cebod Telecom.


Do you want a synchronized phone service that covers your entire company?

It’s costly and difficult to manage that with a traditional phone line. One of the main benefits of VoIP is that it can accomplish what the traditional phone system can’t. You can easily keep the same number with VoIP but ensure you have a solid phone service for multiple office locations.


Superior Call Hunting

 One of the key benefits of VoIP is that you can take advantage of call hunting, or line hunting as it’s sometimes known.

In telephony, line hunting is a way to distribute phone calls to several handsets through a single telephone number. Now, you can find this feature with traditional telephone systems, but VoIP uses intelligent algorithms to ensure which line is best suited to receive the call and also offer features like call queue, call transfer.

Furthermore, you’ll find that VoIP is far superior to traditional phone systems when it comes to cost. Traditional phone companies charge much more.


Easy and Affordable Installation

 Have you ever tried to operate multiple phone lines through multiple offices? The costs can quickly escalate and before you know it, you’re paying thousands of dollars every year on telecommunications because you have more than one location.

But VoIP is different. Since VoIP doesn’t utilize traditional phone lines but the Internet, the installation costs are much cheaper. Plus you don’t need to have separate phone system for each office.

One of the things you need to consider before installing VoIP is whether you want a better system or whether you want to stick with what you know.

The decision shouldn’t be difficult.


Have More Control Over Your Calls

 Every business has opening and closing hours. The problem is that if someone calls when you’re closed the phone is only going to ring.

The truth is that most customers will never call back. They’ll opt for a different company out of frustration. It’s never good to leave any of your clients hanging like that.

VoIP can help you to avoid this through time-based routing. In other words, you can route calls when your business is closed automatically. The call will never ring out.

How you do this depends on the way you want to operate. For example, you may decide to have the call sent straight to voicemail with a specific reason. Alternatively, you may even want to have the call rerouted to your own smartphone.

You’ll never have this much control with a traditional phone system.


Utilize Ring Groups to Reduce the Workload

 Customer service is everything. It’s estimated that businesses lose $75 billion every year as a result of poor customer service.

Unfortunately, bad customer service often happens because you’re overworked. If someone calls your number and you already have a line of calls, they’re going to hang up and claim that you don’t care about them.

That’s why the VoIP feature known as ring groups is such a blessing for businesses. It means that when someone calls a number, multiple handsets will ring.  Ring Groups are a way to create groups for an office phone system based on the department, expertise or the location. If someone is deep in conversation with another customer, someone else can take up the slack and ensure that every client gets the attention they deserve.


Get People to Where They Need to Be

 Nobody is denying that traditional phone systems do have some good features. However, you don’t lose any of this by switching to a more affordable, superior option like VoIP.

One such feature you can continue to enjoy with your phone service in multiple office locations is the auto attendant. Rather than using another employee as an operator, the auto attendant will ensure that the customer is redirected to the correct employee or department or person irrespective of the location.

Do remember to refine your voice greeting scripts and ensure that your auto attendant is professional and straight to the point.


Get Full Control Wherever You Are

 The key to VoIP is providing you with full control in multiple locations for a lower cost. You have control over call queueing, call rerouting, and more.

VoIP won’t just provide you with crystal clear quality but will allow you to maintain exceptionally high standards of customer service within your business.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of VoIP, you need to consider ripping out that traditional phone system today.






VOIP Business Phone Service


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6 Reasons Why VoIP Providers Lose Their Customers Tue, 07 May 2019 17:40:10 +0000 The post 6 Reasons Why VoIP Providers Lose Their Customers appeared first on Cebod Telecom.


The VoIP market is flooded with providers trying to offer their services. The problem is that there’s a lot of different providers that don’t offer a good quality service. And they tarnish the entire industry because of that.

So why are so many VoIP providers losing customers and what do reputable VoIP businesses like Cebod Telecom do to rectify these issues?

A Lack of Customer Service

Nobody likes to spend days trying to resolve a problem with their communications. When you rely on VoIP for your business you want a great service.

Every year, businesses lose $75 billion due to poor customer service. Cebod Telecom always makes itself available at every hour of the day or night. They work with customers, instead of redirecting them to a variety of departments.

It’s how they keep their customers on their side.

Poor Internet Connection Leading to Poor Voice Quality

You can have some sympathy with VoIP providers for this because they often lose customers simply because the customer doesn’t have the necessary connection speed to support VoIP. There’s nothing the provider can do about this.

But Cebod Telecom ensures that these problems are kept to a minimum by being transparent about the necessary connection speed before they take on a new customer.

Not Staying Updated on The Latest Technology

Technology changes. It’s easy to fall behind the curve when you’re already running a successful business. But as time goes on this decaying technology leads to a loss of quality regarding the VoIP service provided.

According to a report from American Express, complacency is the silent killer of businesses. It merely manifests itself in this way to the customer, but it’s really a company-wide problem.

Cebod Telecom consistently drives its staff members to do better. It regularly observes its competitors and the changing trends in the industry to guard against this.

The Product Didn’t Offer Value

We often think about value in relation to price. But there’s also the value of the product to take into account. If a VoIP providers offering didn’t offer value to the business, a lost customer is inevitable.

That’s why Cebod Telecom works to ensure that the product does offer value. They tailor their offerings to support business growth in the long-term. That’s how they keep their customers.

VoIP is about so much more than replacing the traditional telephone system.

Your Sales Techniques are Annoying

Do you know why the strong-armed sales tactics of the past worked? There was no other alternative. Today, that’s not the case.

If you’re still sending your customers strong-armed sales literature telling them to upgrade or to buy this product, you’re guaranteed to drive customers away.

Cebod Telecom uses value-based sales tactics. They focus on building relationships with every business they work with.

Conclusion: Fix These Mistakes to Avoid Losing Customers

Despite the fact the VoIP market is flooded with low-quality providers, the best providers truly rises to the top. Companies like Cebod Telecom have risen above their competition because they’re focused on providing a consistently quality product that offers value.

As a customer, what’s the most frustrating thing a VoIP provider can do?






VOIP Business Phone Service


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Why Businesses Need VoIP Providers for Telecommunications in Offices Tue, 30 Apr 2019 17:53:59 +0000 The post Why Businesses Need VoIP Providers for Telecommunications in Offices appeared first on Cebod Telecom.




VOIP is becoming an even more popular form of communication. It’s now almost certain that business VoIP phone systems will take over from traditional phone systems as the communication system of choice.

But where the value of VoIP truly lies is in the benefits it provides for businesses in the office environment. These are the reasons why businesses should seriously consider installing VoIP in their offices.


The Savings Businesses Experience

 VoIP costs a fraction of what a traditional phone line costs, since it functions digitally in an online environment.

 Did you know that a traditional phone line with a modest long distance package could easily cost you on average of $60 per month?

 Business VoIP phone system costs less than half that. Plus, you get much more for your money in the process.


Get Features You Wouldn’t Get with Traditional Phone Systems

 Telecommunications has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Businesses expect more than simply being able to communicate with another party.

 Features like: call waiting, call prioritization, and call rerouting are just some of the feature’s businesses expect as standard.

 You get those features with VoIP providers. Any good provider will allow you to easily add and remove different features based on your needs.


Professional Presentation

 In 2018, it’s estimated that there are 41.6 billion business subscribers to VoIP services. And this is for good reason. It’s the one way you can always guarantee a professional face when speaking to your clients.

 What separates VoIP from services like Skype is that as long as you have a strong Internet connection, you’ll get crystal-clear audio and video quality. This doesn’t drop and it doesn’t lose quality just because it’s raining outside.

 The impression clients get of you, especially through telecommunications, can make or break a business deal. Science says your business has seven seconds to make a first impression, so don’t derail it with poor sound quality.


Take Business Calls Anywhere

 We live in an age of convenience, where people always expect you to be available. These days clients are not going to call you back they’re going to call someone who will always answer the phone.

 You need to always be available, and VoIP allows you to do that. Wherever you are, you can use the same number no matter the handset.

 So even if you’re away at a business conference you can always stay in touch.


Last Word – It’s the Most Professional Way of Doing Business

 The fact is that VoIP is the most professional way of doing business in 2019. With more competition than ever and more discerning clients than ever, you can’t afford to have problems with the way you communicate.

 VoIP offers big cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and a variety of services that you can tailor to the needs of your business.

 It doesn’t make sense to use anything else.

 So, do you believe that a VoIP communications system can deliver big benefits to your business?





Phone Service for Office

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Visit us at California Dental Association 2019 Anaheim Mon, 29 Apr 2019 19:34:31 +0000 The post Visit us at California Dental Association 2019 Anaheim appeared first on Cebod Telecom.


Cebod Telecom is proud to announce that they’ve secured a booth at the upcoming 2019 California Dental Association convention in Anaheim.

As one of the 600 exhibiting companies, Cebod  Telecom is delighted to support the dental industry through providing crisp, quality communications.

What’s the California Dental Association Convention All About?

The California Dental Association(CDA) is one of the leading dental associations in the entire country. Every single year, thousands of California’s top dental professionals come together. And it’s a chance for companies like Cebod Telecom to help support businesses across the state.

The convention is taking place in sunny Anaheim and Cebod Telecom will have its own booth in the 130,000 square feet of exhibit space. This represents a chance to show dental professionals exactly what they can do when they have a top-quality VoIP system on their side.


Why Cebod Telecom is One of the Most Sought-After VoIP Companies?

We believe that our acceptance as one of the exhibitors at the California Dental Association demonstrates that we offer a quality service to companies across the country.

VoIP services can support dentists who want to present a professional face to their clients. Through features like call waiting, music on hold, voicemail to email, and other automated calling options dental professionals can handle client communications in the right way.

Cebod  Telecom is going to have a demo of the phone system and web portal to show attendees exactly what they can do with their business when they choose us.

Showing the Advantages of VoIP in Person

It’s difficult to explain just how advantageous VoIP is over the traditional telephone system without trying it out. Attendees at the California Dental Association will have the chance to see the inner workings of VoIP for themselves.

Our team is going to be there to show dental professionals exactly what they can do with VoIP and how easy it is to utilize.

Anyone who wants to take their business to the next level will be able to see what a real asset our VoIP phone services can be to their firm.

Come and Visit Us!

Are you going to be attending CDA this year? Then come and visit our booth to find out more about what Cebod Telecom offers for yourself.

It’s your chance to discover the advantages of VoIP phone service and give it a try. This is an opportunity you’re not going to want to pass up.

Do you have plans to attend the convention?



What is Business Phone Service?

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What Kind of VoIP Complaints Are People Looking For? Mon, 22 Apr 2019 23:25:33 +0000 The post What Kind of VoIP Complaints Are People Looking For? appeared first on Cebod Telecom.


voip phone service complains


 VoIP is as popular as ever before. With hundreds of millions of residential and commercial subscriptions around the world, it’s quickly replacing the traditional telephone system. Yet the fact is that US businesses are slow to migrate to VoIP.

One of the reasons could be because of poor service. VoIP phone service providers do get complaints. And it’s often the poor VoIP providers that give the industry a bad name. Cebod Telecom is going to go through the main complaints VoIP providers typically receive and how they solve them.


Incoming Calls are Lost

 Are you suffering from incoming calls being dropped or going straight to voicemail? Then that’s usually because of your Internet connection.

VoIP relies on a strong, stable Internet connection. But the biggest reason for failure is because the VoIP phone system provider isn’t clear about how fast your connection should be.

Cebod Telecom is open and transparent about what you need to make sure your connection is fast enough to meet the specific needs of your office or company.

They do a speed test and  then discuss the bandwidth requirements. They help with choosing the right internet service package for getting the best call quality, while being able to browse on the computer, phones or download big files.  Along with this, Cebod Telecom also provide internet service at a competitive price.


Why is My Voice Echoing?

 This can be one of the most annoying parts about using VoIP. It throws off your train of thought and it leaves you wondering whether the person can hear you while you are speaking.

But this is usually due to a poor-quality phones or handset. The acoustic feedback is what causes your voice to distort or to echo.

With Cebod Telecom, you get high-quality phones that are specifically designed to avoid these things. Sometimes, adjusting  volume on the phones, takes care of the problem too.


Jittery Voices

 Voice jitter is a particular problem with VoIP packages that use connectionless voice networks. Each part of your speech is sent in a separate ‘voice package’. If they arrive at the receiver in a different order, it can lead to scrambled audio.

The answer to this is a jitter buffer or more compressed codec.  Cebod Telecom supports G.711,G.729, U-Law, A-Law codecs  to ensure crystal clear voice quality at all times.

First impressions are crucial. They take only seven seconds to create, so voice jitter could cost you new business. Make sure that your VoIP provider uses a jitter buffer.


Why is My Call Quality Declining?

 A reason why you might be experiencing declining call quality is that your internal network is improperly configured. Cebod Telecom works with you to ensure that you setup your internal network correctly. You don’t want calls and data on the same network channel.

That leads to bad call quality and a slower connection. Cebod Telecom will help you make sure that you setup your VoIP platform correctly.


You’re Not Getting the Support You Need

 When something goes wrong you don’t want to have to wait for days to resolve the problem. A lack of customer service is the most common complaint aimed at VoIP providers.

Cebod Telecom understands that 90% of Americans consider customer service when choosing a business to work with. They provide 24-hour support and always aim to resolve the problem in as little time as possible.


Make Sure You Choose Your VoIP Provider Wisely

 The most common VoIP problems can be avoided simply by working with the right VoIP provider. Do your research and make sure you’re working with a provider that has your best interests in mind.


Do you need a VoIP phone service provider who works to support you?



Phone Service for Office

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Business Phone System for Multiple Offices Fri, 19 Apr 2019 21:23:32 +0000 Implementing a single phone system is one of the smartest thing that your company can do, especially as you grow and expand into new locations. With one internet based business system for all office locations, your company can run more smoothly, improve the customer experience, and enjoy an affordable, secure and dependable service.

The post Business Phone System for Multiple Offices appeared first on Cebod Telecom.


Do you have business with multiple locations and lot of satellite office?

Managing phone system and phone service at each location can be nightmare. With VOIP phone service you can bring all office locations together under a single Phone System.

This is the most Cost-effective, Reliable and Secure Business Solution.

With single phone system employees will benefit with Improved Communication within Company

  • Reaching team member in another office is same as reaching one in the same location or building.
  • Leads to greater accountability, since staff members will be able to simply pick up the line and dial an extension to reach their coworkers and counterparts in other locations.
  • It can help to improve the workflow, reduce miscommunications.
  • Brings employees together as a united team, no matter what part of the country they’re located in.


Learn more about our Cloud based phone service fit for multi-site business.



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Why Choose VOIP Over Traditional Phone System Tue, 16 Apr 2019 18:20:42 +0000 The post Why Choose VOIP Over Traditional Phone System appeared first on Cebod Telecom.

voip phone service for office is the best

VoIP is becoming even more popular. Traditional phone systems are a thing of the past. If you’re still using one, now has never been a better time to make the switch.

With so many providers, you can find the VoIP provider that’s right for you.

By 2020, there’s going to be an expected 205 billion corporate subscribers around the world. Here are the reasons why you should be one of them.


How Does VoIP Work?

 VoIP is a reinvention of the traditional telephone system. So how does VoIP work and how can it bring benefits to your business?

The short answer is that the analogue audio signals used with traditional phone systems are converted into digital signals that can be broadcast over the Internet.

All you need is a handset and a strong Internet connection.

So how does it benefit your business?


Lowered Costs

 The main reason why businesses switch to VoIP is because of the cost savings.

Most businesses that install a VoIP system will save a huge amount of money.

It’s not inconceivable for a business to save 50% on communication costs in the long-term. There are initial startup costs.

But those costs depend on the size of your business and the features you want to utilize.


Better Productivity

In one study on VoIP, Utah State University managed to save $120,000 per year on labor costs and save 80 hours per week for the IT team.

This was because many of the most modern VoIP systems also come with a variety of automation features that can be used for better productivity.

It’s because VoIP systems use intelligent features. It’s so much more than a simple handset that requires lots of manual input to make it work.


Incredible Scalability

 Scaling a traditional telephone system is difficult because you need someone to lay the cables. This can cause a lot of disruption to a growing business.

That’s not to mention the thousands of dollars in costs. Scaling down is even more difficult.

But with VoIP it’s easy because these systems don’t rely on traditional telephone lines to function. It’s just a matter of altering your subscription and purchasing more handsets.

And most VoIP providers make it simple to scale down, if necessary. You have flexibility in controlling your communications systems.


Portability – Making Calls from Anywhere

 You no longer must rely on making calls from your office or using Skype if you’re out of the office. Now you can use the same number, regardless of where you are.

And you can still take advantage of the crystal-clear sound quality of VoIP. You don’t need to compromise on your communication if you happen to be on a business trip.


A Superior System All Round

There are no advantages to a traditional phone system over VoIP. This is a revolutionary technology that has altered the face of communication in the office environment.

If you want cost savings, more efficiency, and a professional face wherever you are, then VoIP is the only system of communication you need.

Have you looked into installing VoIP yet?





Learn More About VOIP Phone Service

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What is Dental Practice Management Software?

Dental practice management software is the next level in managing your dental practice. You’ll be able to form better relationships with patients and ensure that you spend less time at the front desk and more time doing what you do best. If you want better reviews,...

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Is Good Call Quality Necessary for Business? Tue, 02 Apr 2019 17:29:40 +0000 The post Is Good Call Quality Necessary for Business? appeared first on Cebod Telecom.


So, you own a business and business phone system too.

Congratulations to half of your achievement!

Yes, you heard it right. Owning a business and phone system is only half of your success. The real success comes when your business communication system works wonderfully without any interruptions. Just as having money doesn’t make you rich, having a business communication system doesn’t integrate success. You have to earn it.

Your phone system is effective only if the voice quality is good. In the absence of this, your communication is nothing but a mere exchange of a few feeble words.

The voice call quality plays a crucial role in successful integration. As long as business communication is clear and precise, success will show its face effortlessly.


How is the face of business communication?


The technology has changed the face of business communication by leap and bounds. Gone those days when you need to spread the wire web in your office to set-up a traditional PSTN telephony system.

Today’s era is digital and now soft phones, virtual phone system and call center rules the communication industry. Though they stand way ahead as compared to traditional PSTN telephony system, they are facing the wrath of poor voice quality.

As VoIP works mainly on the internet, echo, delay, choppiness, and disturbance are some of the major issues that come with virtual telephony.


What harm poor call quality can do to your business?


As we all know that effective communication is the spine of every business, poor call quality can damage your business on many fronts.

Poor call quality means fed up customer- If you are hearing or telling things like “ I can’t hear you”, “ You are breaking up” and “ You are inaudible” to and from your customers then chances are high that you will have a long list of fed up customers.

Poor call quality means insufficient business communication- Your customer is telling you something and suddenly the voice got to break. With poor call quality, your business communication would be incomplete, insufficient and inadequate. With half of the information, you can dream big.


What are the ways to deal with it?


We know that the above-mentioned scenario is scary. But, you can deal with it easily with the help of some easy yet workable tips.

  • Tag and prioritize your call traffic well

One basis step that you can take to improve the call quality of your VoIP is to tag and prioritize your call traffic intelligently. You classify the call categories and tag them at the network stage only. This way you will reduce the traffic burden over a single connection and improve the call quality.

  • Reduce hops while designing networks

When you are designing a network for your VoIP, make sure you reduce hops. By doing this, you can easily reduce the potential latency of your network that ultimately improves the voice performance.  Cebod Telecom understands what customers needs and have designed a phone system that talks and thinks like them.

  • Do regular circuit utilization monitoring

As your VoIP business communication system works on the internet only, it is important to ensure that each call is getting a sufficient amount of bandwidth. In the absence of this, your call quality will degrade by its own. Regular circuit utilization monitoring helps you to identify the loophole in the initial stage only.

So, check the voice quality of your business communication system today and know whether you are at losing front or winning front.


What is Business Phone Service?

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