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Business Phone System FAQs

Ready to move your small business to the cloud. Find answers to most commonly asked questions related to Cebod Telecom Internet Phone System and Services.

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Phone System

What is Cebod Telecom Business Phone System?

Cebod Telecom phone system is a cloud-based managed business phone system. It is hosted in the cloud, a secure data center completely maintained and managed by us. The hosted VOIP phone system comes with all basic and premium phone features including fax service, call management and business PBX features along with pre configured VOIP phones.

This is an internet phone system which lets you connect employees, staff across location and offices and telecommuters. You can manage multiple offices under one phone system and one invoice.

The Cebod Telecom VOIP phone system doesn’t require any expensive hardware, difficult installation or technical expertise to manage it. Along with phone settings, the entire phone system can be easily purchased and activated through an online account.  Above that, our Cebod Telecom Technical Team does all the upgrades and maintenance of the phone system.

With only one monthly flat rate and one invoice, connect with your customers and grow your business. The phone system is very flexible, affordable and reliable and be accessed from office, home ,mobile or anywhere.

What are the advantages/ benefits of Cebod Telecom Business Phone System?

There are several benefits of using the managed cloud based phone system. Some of the highlighted advantages are

Easy to setup– Online Account Management lets to control the phone settings, make the phone system work as you want it.

  • Connect office staff, remote employees, home phone and cell phones using one phone system.
  • One phone system can handle multiple offices in different locations.
  • Manage call forwarding, call transfer or any other call setting online

Never miss a phone call or an important fax- Always be connected with your customers whether in or out of office. Get your voice and fax messages through email notification anytime

All-inclusive features for every phone line purchased. No extra charge for adding new features. Always pay flat rate for service.

Unlimited User Extensions

  • Set unlimited user extension on ant given phone line.
  • Add new user using same phone line for free.

Toll Free Minutes

  • Never Pay for any unused minutes or overage for extra minutes.
  • Pay for only minutes used.

Pay only for phone lines and never for any extra users.

  •   In a company of 15 employees, you only need 7-8 phone lines.
  • Reduced operating cost for you.

You manage clients, we manage your phone system

  • No complex hardware to install or maintain.
  • No Technical expertise required

 Get a presence and feel of a bigger company

  • get local or toll free number for any city or town in USA and Canada

Phone Systems supports e-Fax, traditional fax and works seamlessly.

How much does the Business Phone System cost?

The cost of the business phone system is related to number of phone lines purchased. We charge for every phone line purchased, irrespective of the number of users on each line.  This sets us apart from our competitors who charge extra for every user or extension.

We also provide toll free minutes at a flat rate of 2.4 cents with a promise of never getting charged for over or under use of any minutes. Pay only for what you use.

We offer all-inclusive phone features  needed for your business for every phone line, including voicemail and fax to inbox, unlimited user extensions, auto attendant, conferencing ,unlimited calling anywhere in the US and Canada. Check our Plans and Pricing page for more details

Is there an activation fee for Phone System or Service?

No, we do not charge any set up or activation fee.

How many phone lines can I buy?

You can purchase as many phone lines as your business requires.  With our phone system, you don’t always need a separate  phone line for every employee or user. Our phone lines can handle unlimited users easily.

Our packages are based on the number of  phone lines required. You can choose to add/delete phone lines hassle free as needed.

Visit Plans and Pricing to learn more about our packages.

Is there any extra charge for 911 service?

We do not charge extra for 911 service. It is included with your business phone system.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released an Order on June 3, 2005, requiring interconnected VoIP service providers to provide E911 capabilities to their subscribers.

Can I try Cebod Telecom Phone Service for Free?

Yes,  you can try our business phone service risk free for 30 days without any contracts.  Use the services and find out if we are a right match for your company.  If we don’t meet your requirements, then money back is guaranteed and no questions are asked.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Send us an email at sales@cebodtelecom with details of your request to terminate the phone service or simply cancel some of the phone numbers .    or

Call us at 1-800-839-3817  and speak with one of our customer service representatives.

Do I need Internet Service for cloud phone system?

Yes, you need high speed internet services to use the cloud based business phone system. We also provide internet services , along with the phone service.  We offer internet services  at an affordable competitive market price.

Taking internet services through us in not mandatory to use our reliable and scalable internet phone service.

How long does it take to activate a New Phone Service?

Once online registration process is completed, your account and phone number are activated immediately. The phones are shipped to you same day using ground shipping. You can decide to pay extra to expedite delivery of phones overnight.

What happens in the situation of power failure ?

Being in the cloud, means that the data is stored, in a server in remote location, managed and maintained by Cebod Telecom.  Your customers will be able to make calls. The calls and fax service are independent of the power outrage and any other calamity. You can use your cell/mobile phone to route/transfer your phone calls. Continue to access important fax documents  through your email inbox.

If needed you can signup on your smart phone using free  Cebod Telecom App for iphone and Android and continue to receive and make calls from your smart phone. **Remember at this time you will be using your cell phone bandwidth.

What all features are included with my phone plan?

You’ll get everything you need from your business phone system at one low price.  All basic and premium features come with every single phone line purchased irrespective of the phone plan. Unlimited multiple user extensions, unlimited calling and faxing (US and Canada),  conferencing, auto attendant, IVR, call transferring, call forwarding, and more.

Check out All-in-One Features.

Can I use Traditional Fax Machine?

Yes. You can still use your fax machine by connecting it to an ATA and connecting the ATA to your router. We also offer e-Fax with every phone line purchased, without any additional cost.  You can securely send and receive faxes from anywhere through your email. Along with this combo fax is also supported by our business phone system.


Phone Numbers

Do you provide vanity numbers? How much does it cost?

After purchasing phone lines , you can add vanity numbers, from within your online account.

A vanity number cost $3 per month, with a one-time charge of $30. Vanity numbers are made available in 4-5 days and you will receive an email once the vanity number has been activated.

Can I Transfer existing phone numbers to Cebod Telecom?

Yes. You can port both your existing toll free and local phone numbers to Cebod Telecom, free of charge without any delay.  We begin the porting process as soon as you have signed up for the business phone service.

We provide you with preconfigured VOIP phones with temporary phone numbers until the porting process  from your previous business phone service vendor is completed. Once the transfer is completed, the ported phone numbers start working without any additional configuration or downtime with Cebod Telecom business phone service.


Do I own the phone number ? Can I take it with me to another vendor?

The toll-free or local  phone number  that you receive upon signing-up  for the phone service is your own. Your account should be active and  paid minimum for a month service , to keep the numbers or to port them out. There is no charge for transferring out numbers.

Do you provide international phone numbers?

Yes, we provide phone numbers for Canada, UK, and USA. The number are $3/month. Email us with your queries at sales@cebodtelecom.com for  required phone numbers required.

We provide unlimited calling within USA and Canada on every phone line purchased.


Where do I purchase Phone Device?

You can buy pre-configured business internet phone and devices through us. We offer different models of phones at a very affordable price to complete your business phone system. Choose your phones and devices by visiting VoIP Phone Devices page.

What is the shipping cost for the phones and devices?

The shipping cost is based on number of devices purchased.

1-3 devices/phones- $10

4-7 devices/phones- $20

If you require more than 7 phones or devices, shipping cost is waived. Get your business phones for free



Do I need to install equipment or router to start the service?

No expensive hardware, phone lines or PBX are needed. Cebod Telecom business phone system  work’s with any high-speed, stable internet connection. You just a need a router that will make the internet connection available to your phones/devices.

Can I use analog phones with your business phone system?

Yes. You can use your existing analog telephones by connecting the Cisco SPA-122 ATA. The ATA can be bought through us.  Connect  your analog phones to ATA and the Cisco ATA to the router.

Can I use IP Phones with your phone service?

Yes. You can use IP phones with Cebod Telecom business phone system. The phones need to be unlocked by your original provider and will require strenuous manual configuration. We recommend customers  to take advantage our preconfigured IP phones.

Account Management

Can I reset my account password and change details?

Yes, you can edit your profile and change the password also. We strongly recommend use of very hard to guess password (Mix of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters). Log in to your account, select Account tab. Here you can change or edit all the details including password.

Who and What role does the administrator play in account management?

The email address and password chosen by the administrator  at the time of signup is used to access your business phone system account. The password can be easily changed once logged in but to change the primary email, would require a request to be sent to our office.

The Administrator has full access to make changes to the account setup and configuration. This person will receive the payment and account details upon completion of purchase and ongoing notifications related to the account. The Administrator will also be able to make additional purchases from the account, creating RingGroup, Conference bridges etc and configure other user’s extensions. Other users will only be able to setup their own extensions.

To log in as an Administrator, use your primary email and administrator password. Only the Administrator will access account settings tab in their account. If you want to change your Administrator is, please contact customer support.

How to Block Unwanted Calls?

Our phone system allows you to block the telemarketers and junk calls. Here you can manage the list of unwanted phone numbers.

1. Log into your account(https://portal.cebodtelecom.com/) using email and password.

2. To add a new number to be blocked, click on “Add New”, and then enter the 11 digits of the number that you want to block. (example 1-231-xxx-xxxx).


Customer support is available 24/7  to all our valuable clients. Call us at 1-800-839-3817 or write at support@cebodtelecom.com

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