How to Manage Billing? 

1.Log into your account using credentials.

2. From main dashboard,  click on “Account”, and view and update your profile, change password, add balance, apply voucher  and more.


  •  How to Add Balance?-All our services are prepaid. Money has to be added to the  account before you can start using the service. The payment can be made using a credit card or paypal.


  •  How to View Payment History?- Once logged into the account, you can access all the previous payments made.



  •  How to Redeem Vouchers?- Use vouchers to take and give credit for miscellaneous services such as billing adjustments. Here you can see all the vouchers applied to your account.


  •  How to View Invoices?- Log into your account and view your monthly invoices for phone service for all the office location along with the phone lines and phone number purchased.


  • How to Setup Auto Refill ?- Save your credit card on file for future purchases and also to be automatically charged by our system as soon as your balance goes negative. To do, so log into online account and through quick links, save your credit card on file.



 How To– Find answers to setting up a new account, adding more users, buying new phone numbers and more.