How to Send Electronic Fax (E-fax)?

1.Log into online account using username and password  used to set up the account.

2.Click on “Fax icon”


System allows you to send electronic fax(e-Fax) right from your account. You don’t need any machine to send or receive faxes.  Fill in the form.




From: Select the fax number in your account. If you don’t have a fax number, you can add one at a nominal price.

To: 11-digit number of the person who should be receiving the fax.

Extension: The user, who is sending the fax.

Browse: Upload a PDF file to send fax.

Once you click on “Send”, and the fax will be added to the queue, and the delivery will be initiated in the next minute. You can check the status of this fax online.


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