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Cebod Telecom phone system is a cloud-based managed business phone system. It is hosted in the cloud, a secure data center completely maintained and managed by us. The hosted VOIP phone system comes with all basic and premium phone features including fax service, call management and business PBX features along with pre configured VOIP phones.

This is an internet phone system which lets you connect employees, staff across location and offices and telecommuters. You can manage multiple offices under one phone system and one invoice.

The Cebod Telecom VOIP phone system doesn’t require any expensive hardware, difficult installation or technical expertise to manage it. Along with phone settings, the entire phone system can be easily purchased and activated through an online account.  Above that, our Cebod Telecom Technical Team does all the upgrades and maintenance of the phone system.

With only one monthly flat rate and one invoice, connect with your customers and grow your business. The phone system is very flexible, affordable and reliable and be accessed from office, home ,mobile or anywhere.