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There are several benefits of using the managed cloud based phone system. Some of the highlighted advantages are

Easy to setup– Online Account Management lets to control the phone settings, make the phone system work as you want it.

  • Connect office staff, remote employees, home phone and cell phones using one phone system.
  • One phone system can handle multiple offices in different locations.
  • Manage call forwarding, call transfer or any other call setting online

Never miss a phone call or an important fax- Always be connected with your customers whether in or out of office. Get your voice and fax messages through email notification anytime

All-inclusive features for every phone line purchased. No extra charge for adding new features. Always pay flat rate for service.

Unlimited User Extensions

  • Set unlimited user extension on ant given phone line.
  • Add new user using same phone line for free.

Toll Free Minutes

  • Never Pay for any unused minutes or overage for extra minutes.
  • Pay for only minutes used.

Pay only for phone lines and never for any extra users.

  •   In a company of 15 employees, you only need 7-8 phone lines.
  • Reduced operating cost for you.

You manage clients, we manage your phone system

  • No complex hardware to install or maintain.
  • No Technical expertise required

 Get a presence and feel of a bigger company

  • get local or toll free number for any city or town in USA and Canada

Phone Systems supports e-Fax, traditional fax and works seamlessly.