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There are many small businesses in the country that pay huge amounts to set up a phone system and for their phone bills. What makes it worse is that they have little idea of using these complicated systems.What we aim to do is to offer a DIY (do-it-yourself) VoIP platform for small businesses where they have total control over the phone system. Be our spokesperson, and spread the word about Cebod Telecom reliable and affordable business phone systems.

We give you all the tools and promotional materials as needed, plus a dedicated manager ensures that your potential as a Cebod Telecom Affiliate is maximized. Don’t hold back any longer, join our sales team for free today and start making big money – it’s as easy as it gets.

VoIP Phone system Commission Structure (US & Canada)

Earn up to $6300 for each Business Phone System sale

Phone Lines 1st Month 3rd Month 6th Month Total
1-2 $50 $50
3-15 $10/Line $10/line $10/line $90-$450
16-50 $12/line $12 $12 $576-$1,800
51-100 $15/line $15/line $15/line $2,295-$4,500
100+ Lines $1,500-$2,000 $1,500-$2,000 $1,500-$2,000 $4,500-$6,000
What can you expect from the Cebod Telecom Affiliate Program?

  •  Best commission in the cloud phone service industry
  •  Competitive pricing for phone services, making it easy to sell
  • Get paid for every completed sale
  • Technical professional support available to close deals faster
  •  All recommended customers gets full benefits
  • Based on performance, earn extra incentives

Our main goal is to provide robust phone services to clients and best customer service in the industry.

 All tools and resources at your disposal to turns prospective leads into

Cebod  Telecom customers.