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Cebod Telecom SIP Trunking Offers a Flexible and Scalable Business Communication System

 Are you running your business on Skype but looking for ways to advance communication and collaboration tools that increase your communication capacity? Well, now you can integrate Cebod Telecom SIP trunking into Microsoft Skype for Business without increasing the cost while taking advantage of the seamless communication process.



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Microsoft Skype for Business comes with every amenity that a business could need—especially the ability to call anyone at any time, so you can build long-term relationships with customers and employees. At the same time, your communication needs 100% flexibility and scalability to support your ever increasing client communication and remote employees.

This is where Cebod Telecom SIP trunking comes into the play to expand your Skype for Business facility.

Cebod Telecom SIP trunking establishes a communication between your organization and your internet telephony service provider (ITSP) via your IP connection. It also connects your organization to PSTN (public-switched telephone network), too. It simplifies various communication channels within your organization, giving it a centralized place to stay connected with your customers and employees. Basically, SIP trunking enables Skype to connect with PSTN at a low cost without compromising the quality of communication. On the contrary, it upgrades your business’s communication system, making it more flexible and manageable for multiple channels.

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Cebod Telecom is a certified SIP trunk provider for  Microsoft Skype for Business, specialized in developing cloud-based business phone system. Whether you want to stay connected with everyone via PSTN or simply looking for a quality voice system, Cebod Telecom carries the solution of all your Skype for Business requirements. Download step by step direction to integrationSIP Trunking with Skype for  Business Platforms. 



Business Growth




Cost Saving


Compatible with PBX platforms




Business Continuity

Cost Effective

Never pay per minute charges for calls,  with our SIP trunking  pay only for the phone lines used .  Also, SIP trunk  is virtually installed on your existing internet connection which completely eliminates the need to connect to traditional phone lines. This single quality of SIP trunking saves you a lot from physical installation costs. 



SIP trunk is based on your changing business requirements. Today, you may need only a few trunks but tomorrow, you may need more. Our system take minimal time to increase the capacity of your business without disturbing your ongoing communication process.



If you are worried about someone stealing your sensitive communication data, we have you covered there, too. Security lies in the heart of SIP. It creates an unbreakable shield between your organization’s communication system and cyber security threats.


Location Detector

 If you have an emergency call system, and you require a customer’s location details to reach them as soon as possible, Our SIP trunking provides that service, too. It detects the location based on the caller’s telephone number to allow you to act quickly.




Simplified Communication

Whether it’s a normal PSTN call or an internet-based video/voice call,  our SIP trunks connects your organization with anyone at any time on any channel. It simplifies the entire communication system to let your organization handle loads of traffic at a time.



Unified Communication

 We brings all your communication channels—whether internal or external—into one place to keep everyone connected to each other. You and your employees won’t get lost in the shuffle of multiple communication channels.





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