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How to Buy More Phone Numbers?

Buy phone numbers for any city, town or state. Every phone line purchased comes with one free local or toll-free phone number. Additional phone numbers can be bought at a nominal fee. The system allows you to search phone numbers by city, state, or phone number.

For example, if you have 5 phone lines in your account, then you get up to 5 free phone numbers. Any additional phone numbers can be purchased at a nominal price.

1.Log into your account and click ,”Manage Phone System”


.Then choose,” Manage Phone Numbers” and  click on “Buy New.”


3. Then select Country and State.

A list of available phone numbers in the selected state will appear. If there are several numbers available, then, use area code and, or NPA for a more detailed search.



4. Then select the number/s and click on “Purchase.”

The next page will show the total cost for the numbers being purchased. Add the numbers to the cart and purchase them using the existing credit in your account, or with a credit card.



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