Collect Google Reviews

For Your  Dental Practice


Improve Your Online Reputation And Attract New Patient

Potential patients choose a dentist based on the number of positive reviews and star ratings. Increase your positive Google reviews with our automated dental app. Encourage your prospective patients to choose your practice over others.

Be the Doctor New Patients Choose to Go First


91% of people first read online reviews before choosing the business.


84% of people trust on reviews as much as they trust their friends.


68% of people develop an opinion for the business after reading around six online reviews.

Benefits of Dental App

Automate Request for Google Reviews

It may not be easy or comfortable to ask for reviews directly. You or your dental team may run out of time or the ideal words to ask for writing reviews. Cebod Telecom’s automated dental app sends requests to your patients in real-time and invites them to write reviews directly.

Deal with Negative Reviews

In today’s age, receiving a negative review is nearly inescapable. Fortunately, our dental app lets you manually choose whom to ask for reviews so that you can reduce the chances of negative reviews. You can always put the name of happy patients in your review asking list.

Inch Up to the Top of Google Search

Google chooses niche review sites first, like people in the healthcare profession receiving tons of positive reviews, for ranking. And so do people. Hence, practices with maximum positive reviews are more likely to rank higher on Google, receive more organic traffic, more clicks.

Better Dental Practice Management

is Our Mission