Smart and quick ways to make or receive business calls, send SMS, forward calls, and much more.

Top Mobile Apps to Run Your Business On-the-Go

Android and iOS App


  • Colleagues and customers to stay connected with the business 24/7 via the app without any limitation from device type.
  • 100% flexibility to call or SMS from anywhere, via any device
  • Allows you to use business phone number while keeping your number private
  • Customers can send or receive SMS on their landline number
  • Enjoy crystal clear voice or video calls
  • Connect apps with a headset or Bluetooth car audio system to help you communicate on-the-go

Desktop Softphone

Cebod Telecom softphone for Windows can be used to make and receive VoIP phone calls directly from your PC.

  • Easy installation: Download the file and follow the simple steps to install and be up and running in a few clicks
  • 100% Free: Cebod Telecom VoIP Softphone dialer is free for its customers
  • Big savings:  Save money on monthly phone bills
  • Increase Efficiency: Remote works can use VOIP dialer from their home on PC
  • Simple interface: Softphone is easy to use  and has a similar interface to your mobile or desktop phone


SMS Desktop App

Want to send SMS directly from your desktop instead of shuffling through your smartphone?
Well, SMS Desktop App  is answer to it:

  • Save your time
  • Give you access to send and receive SMS and MMS directly from your desktop
  • Prevent you from wasting time scrolling through unnecessary smartphone news in the name of the business.
  • Confirm appointments using business phone number
  • Send and receive updates and communicate with colleagues by text


Plans and Pricing

Pay for certain number of phone lines required, not for every user in the company. Receive premium features with every phone plan and support for one or multiple business locations.