Cloud Phone System in a Box: The New Home for Tax Services

E-Faxing and sharing important documents, talking to clients about their accounting or tax queries, setting up appointment with clients in different time zones, managing multiple client accounts online are some of the challenges faced everyday at any given tax office.The use of the managed cloud phone system, eases the pressure by being at your service 24/7 .

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Why Move My Landline Phone to Cloud?

Choosing an Internet supported phone system will reduce operational costs for your business, without sacrificing the same basic features that a traditional landline service brings. In fact, managed cloud based phone systems actually provide users with even more features that will greatly impact the way they are able to conduct business transactions.

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In House PBX vs Cloud Phone System

Your people need to do what you business needs, not managing phone system. Cebod Telecom Cloud based phone system brings lot of advantages to your business. Besides saving you every month, it also takes away the headache of managing a phone system.

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