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Unified Communications

At Cebod Telecom, we make phone systems with built-in UC. We put email, calendaring, audio  conferencing, call management, and voice communication into one flawless package.This way, businesses can have seamless interactions with customers, partners, and co-workers closely from any place, any device and anytime. We incorporate all the main components for potent business communications  together instead of providing them one by one.

Telepresence for your business

Our business phone services facilitate use of a smartphone, a tablet or laptop to work anywhere and anytime. Just bring your own device(BYOD) and transfer calls, host conferences, check co-worker availability and much more.

Connect with team using Conferencing Service

Cebod Telecom’s web and audio conferencing  virtual phone service can geographically bring remote workers and internal teams together in a virtual meeting in order to prevent travel costs, rapid decision making and strengthen relationships.

One Phone service for Multiple Locations

Our cloud based VOIP phone service is best suited for businesses with multiple locations. The phone system grows with your business needs. All phone lines comes with all-inclusive features.


Offer Best Customer Service

Cater to multiple callers at the same time without ever missing a call, a huge benefit of UC. Use local phone number or 800 number  to give your business both local and national presence connecting with clients at all times.

Unified communication integrate’s various phone communication features to make it simple to use.

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Cost Effective Business Communication

Central management of the various networks is encouraged by UC. Businesses are able to employee remote workers or telecommuters and communicate seamlessly with then across the globe, while keeping the business phone system cost fairly low.

Easy Accessibility for Customers

UC presents businesses with single contact number. Connecting all your phone devices (home phone, cell phone, desktop phone) to a solitary phone number on which you can be reached. Run your business on smartphone or a landline and be available 24/7.

  • Direct customer incoming calls to the particular person, location or department as needed
  • Get complete business phone system in a box- preconfigured VOIP phones
  • Real time and non real time features unified together
  • Create a larger presence for your business by choosing virtual phone service

Best Unified Phone Service for your Business

 Choose Cebod Telecom VOIP Business Phone System and  solidify  your Business Communication  Today!

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