What make Cebod Telecom Unique Business Phone Service Provider?

We provide companies with a business phone solution offering all basic and premium phone features at an unbeatable price.

At Cebod Telecom, we offer our customers a business phone system to meet every need. Our internet phone service includes all of the features that businesses need and want today, including toll free numbers, user extensions, and fax, all for an unbeatable price. We’re the business phone service provider that you can count on for communication solutions that are cost effective, efficient, and reliable.


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Number of Users

Our business phone plans are designed so that customers only pay for the phone lines that they need, and not per user.  Select as many phone lines as you need, and then create unlimited user extensions for every phone line. It’s practical, convenient, and cost effective.

Ring Central – All of these plans offered are per user not per phone line. The cheapest option is the Pro plan for $9.99 per month. It includes only two extensions and has a charge $2.99 per month for each added extension. Features such as dial-by-name and dedicated fax number are not included.

Ooma – This service starts at $19.98 per month for one phone number and one user.  Above that, a charge for each additional user is $9.99 per month.  So if you have 20 employees, the cost of the service would be $400 per month, if all users want their own phone number or $300 if you took 10 phone numbers with additional 10 user or extensions. Above that, additional features like Internet fax and conference calling cost extra, with each being $9.99 per month.

Unique Pay-Per-Line Pricing Model

Cebod Telecom – If you have 20 employees, you don’t need individual phone line for each of the 20 users. After all, not every employee will be on the phone at the exact same time and does not need their own dedicated phone line, so why pay for it? You just need 8-10 phone lines. The total cost for 20 users will be $190 per month with all-inclusive basic and premium features, including call forwarding, conferencing and fax service.

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Toll Free Numbers

Unlike other phone service providers, we do not charge any overage fees for extra toll free minutes, or force you to pay for a toll free minutes that you don’t even need. For each phone line that a customer purchases, we include a toll free or a local phone number. We give you a flat rate of 2.4 cents per minute irrespective of the amount of minutes used. Never get penalized for using less or more toll free minutes.  You get the service that you truly need at a price that you can afford. Pay only if you use the minutes!

Grasshopper – Per-minute overage rate is 6 cents for every minute used over the allotted minutes included in the plan. The cheapest plan ($12) offers minutes at 6 cents and most expensive plan of $199, includes 10,000 minutes.

Ring Central– Be provided with, 1000 free minutes with the standard plan 2-19 user plan of $24.99/month per user, which is offered with an annual payment contract. Each additional toll-free minute is billed at 4.9¢/min.

Cebod Telecom– We offer standard 2.4 cents per toll free minute to all our customers. We offer plans ranging from $8.99 to $24.99 /mo nth per user, depending upon the number of phone lines purchased and duration of contract. The price of toll free minutes can go as  low 1.9 cents per minute with the enterprise plan. We don’t charge per user or any overage for any minutes used.  [visualizer id=”9256″]


Fax is still one of the most important features for any office. We offer traditional fax, e -Fax, and combo fax services. Our traditional fax service works seamlessly with our virtual phone system. With a simple ATA adapter the traditional fax machine can work with the per-configured VoIP phone. The fax service comes free with every phone line purchased.



With all of our business phone service plans, we offer  40+ IP PBX calling features and 24/7 customer support. Whether you choose the basic, premium, or the Enterprise plan, you’ll enjoy access to all of our premium features. The only difference is the number of phone lines.

Cebod Telecom’s Cloud-based business phone system gives flexibility for start ups or small businesses to expand without ever investing in another expensive VOIP phone system.  In contrast with typical landlines, the VoIP technology allows the business entrepreneur or staff to modify answering protocols, access fax messages and voicemail’s, receive and view calls, and much more. Internet services are also provided throughout county, making our Business Phone System a complete package deal. We are here to help small businesses grow.

 Unlimited PBX and Dial Tone Phone Features with Every Phone Line Purchased.

Pay Per Phone Line, Not Per User in Your Company

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You can count on Cebod Telecom to provide you with all the features that you expect from a business phone service provider, at a competitive rate designed to meet your needs.