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Virtual phone service is ideal for ambitious business without the cost.

We don’t believe that there’s any ‘one size fits all’ solution for the virtual office phone service. This is why there are always multiple service levels available.

The Scalable and Flexible Option

Here at Cebod Telecom we provide a variety of different options for people who want different service levels.

  • Take advantage of call forwarding, call scheduling services or add-on features as needed without paying any extra dime.
  • You can also easily expand the number of toll-free numbers you have associated with your company.
  • Phone system is completely scalable and flexible, so all it takes is one call to change your package.

Big Benefits

We find that the companies getting the biggest benefits from a virtual phone service are small, new, and growing companies.


  • The systems are designed for companies that need their own phone systems without needing a dedicated phone system on-site.
  • The low costs and ease of use are what make them such a hit for small businesses.
  • If you happen to work on the go or as part of a co-working space, you’ll get a lot of benefits from a virtual phone system.
  • You’ll be able to keep in contact with remote workers and you’ll be accessible on the go.
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PBX Features

There’s a long list of added extras we at Cebod Telecom can offer you.

  • call forwarding, unlimited extensions, call screening
  • SMS, E-fax, Combo Fax
  • Voicemail, IVR, Auto Attendant
  • Professional greetings
  • Roll over lines, Shared Lines
  • Many more cloud pbx features are offered with each phone plan.


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Why Should You Use a Virtual Phone System Instead of Services like Skype?

The simple answer is professionalism.

  • You would use a professional toll-free number and a professional greeting for the same reason that you would buy your own web domain and not use one of the free domains available.
  • You want to give off the right impression. One of the worst things you can do is curtail your chances from the beginning through using a free option like Skype.
  • Plus, virtual phone systems offer what things like Skype can’t. You can’t take advantage of call screening, multiple toll-free numbers, and making calls when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.


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