Pizza Restaurants Use VoIP Phone System to Hook Customers at First Point of Contact

From the moment customers make a call to the moment they place an order, our phone system helps to turn one-time guests into loyal customers.
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Why Choose Cebod Telecom

We help pizza restaurants increase sales through an enhanced phone management system.

VoIP set-up gives your business a competitive advantage by increasing your capacity to receive maximum orders and deliver unbeatable customer service. Whether you want to expand your business or replace your outdated system, a fresh VoIP installation opens-up more pizza orders and delivery opportunities.

Our advanced VoIP phone system:-

  • Provides seamless communication
  • Lowers your phone bills
  • Reduces Internet downtime
  • Offers history call reports
  • Processes electronic payments
  • Coordinates deliveries


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The Call Catcher

Your pizza business begins at the first ring of customers’ calls. Our call catcher installs a prerecorded message to your professional phone system that plays before the store phone rings. Here, you can set daily specials, discounts, menus, and much more to lure customers into buying your pizza.

Delight Holding

Don’t bore your customers with a silence or busy signal when you have to put them on hold. Instead, make their holding time delightful with custom holding music. VoIP offers a feature that plays music mixed with information to entertain customers when they hold.

Never Miss a Phone Order

When hungry, customers can’t bear hearing a busy signal. VoIP’s call routing feature places the incoming call in a queue and routes it to the next available executive so that the call is answered in the shortest time possible, even on busy nights.

Multi-Line Phone System

Few phone lines can’t cope with a huge number of calls, all at the same time. You may miss calls from customers, as well as from delivery men. Fortunately, VoIP comes with a multi-line phone system, allowing you to receive maximum order calls while keeping a line free for delivery people or customer call-backs.

Enhanced Customer Service

Cebod Telecom offers tools to monitor your staff’s communication with customers and helps them improve based on customers’ expectations. You can even train new employees by showing them reports on how the calls are handled.

Installation in Seconds

Installing your new VoIP-bases pizza phone system is as easy as playing a few cords. Just make a call to the best VoIP phone service provider and your business starts leveraging the benefits in the next few hours.

We Clear the Blurry Communication Between Your Pizza Business and Customers

  • Installing VoIP – equipped with advanced features – for your pizza phone system, increases customer satisfaction and secures repeated business.
  • Whether you are looking for a single-line phone system or multi-line VoIP platform, we are here to help you take your pizza business to the highest possible level of service.
  • Let’s take a step further and allow us to give you a quote. We are not here to seal the deal.
  • We just want you to take your business to new heights before competitors steal the show.
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Cebod Telecom Business Phone Service is available for all devices

VoIP is one of the best phone management systems for pizzerias seeking a state of the art communication abilities. To run business seamlessly, use our free Desktop app, IOS App, Android App, SMS Desktop App to expand your business.