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What is VoIP?

This is a technology that transforms your voice into a digital signal. It grants you access to make calls right from a computer, smartphone, a VoIP phone, or any other data-driven devices. In layman terms, it is a phone service delivered over the internet. This technology is called VoIP a cipher for Voice over Internet Protocol.

Plan and Pricing

What You Can Expect from Cebod Telecom?

Cebod Telecom provides VoIP services that are precise and also suit your financial plan

Automated Assistance

VoIP comes with automated voice system allowing you to program answer for the common customer questions. It helps you attend customers in busy hours.

Call Recording Service

VoIP for business allows you the luxury of recording calls, creating room for colleagues at work to playback important calls, which guarantees important message won’t be missed.

Customizable User Experience

VoIP gives users the freedom to personalize their interface, how they receive calls, how they identify callers, call forwarding to multiple phone numbers simultaneously.

Easier Telecommunicating

Everything is operated online, which means all your customers or employees need is an internet connection to get in touch with you.

VoIP Phone Service Vs Traditional Landlines

VoIP Phone Service

Low Setup and maintenance cost. When calls take place over the internet, you are only charged for number of phone lines rather than for call minutes or for extra phone service.

Gives room for comprehensive characteristics like an IVR programmed to auto-respond to customers, converts voice messages to email, forward calls automatically.

Supports multimedia features like voice transmission

Relatively easy and inexpensive to scale as your business grows

More than 50 additional features available at no added cost

Offers free VoIP to VoIP local calls. Basic International and mobile calls charged at a nominal rate.

Traditional Landlines

High setup and running costs. Needs multiple lines which can be expensive, costs can also run up due to added features like call transfer and queuing.

Very limited. Offers little to nothing besides the basic features of voice calling and transferring alone.

Does not support any form of multimedia whatsoever only the regular voice option.

More phone sets and wired phone lines are needed in order to scale.

Have limited options for add-ons, and literarily they cost more.

All calls are charged regardless.

All-inclusive virtual phone service features in one phone plan

Provider of Best VoIP Services

Ease of Installation – No installation can ever be easier, Cebod Telecom’s VoIP service make your configuration simple and unique, designed to meet the communication demands of your organization. You can have your virtual phone service ready to go in little or no time.

Mobile and Flexible VoIP system – VoIP phone service influences the internet by granting you the opportunity to make calls, host and join conferences, send and receive fax and SMS from anywhere.

24/7 Customer Support – Cebod Telecom has a distinct and award-winning customer support team ready to stand by you anytime any day. From the point of implementation to any point where technical support is needed. We provide consultation and best-practice recommendation services and not just solutions needed for any technical issues arising as regards your business.

Ease of Operation- With VoIP phone services you can conveniently work at home or from anywhere, by routing your calls to your VoIP supported phone automatically. When you connect to the internet, you can receive or make phone calls at ease.

We also offer sip trunking solution for larger businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of paying per phone line? Does your business need unified communications but can’t find the right answer?Our low cost phone service for with all basic and advanced features is the answer.

When can I start using small VoIP business phone service?
Once online registration process is completed, your account and phone number are activated immediately and you can start using the new small business phone service. The phones are shipped to you same day using ground shipping. You can decide to pay extra to expedite delivery of phones overnight.
The VoIP phone service being hosted in the cloud doesn’t require installing any expensive equipment on your part. No hassle about having a burden of upgrades and upkeep.
A cloud VOIP Phone Service, as its name suggests, is an internet hosted in the cloud. No, it’s not high above the skies, but being ‘in the cloud’ means the service is located in secure servers maintained by Cebod Telecom and accessible through the internet.
We offer all basic and premium features for every new phone service line purchased with us. There is no hidden fee or extra cost for additional features or upgrades ever. You only pay for the business phone service lines and the rest all comes with it, irrespective of number of phone lines bought.
Our office phone system is right for you! Your clients will call one desired local or toll free phone number to reach your business and can be directed to sales team in Los Angeles, support in New York or after hours calls in India. Manage all phone lines under one online account and one invoice.
We have cut out the middleman and are sharing the profits with you, by providing cheap phone service with high call quality. Our sister company, DIDFORSALE provides sip trunking and local/toll free numbers to other wholesale dealers and companies. We thrive to provide the cheap business phone service cost for small businesses, without ever comprising on quality.
No! You are not required to change existing phone numbers. We can port your existing toll-free or local phone numbers from another service provider to Cebod Telecom, free of charge without any delay or downtime.

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Pay for number of phone lines required, not for every user in the company.