Improve government communication systems in a smart and cost-effective manner with our affordable, high quality cloud phone services for government agencies.

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One Phone System for Government Agencies

Cloud phone services

Our cloud phone services are designed to meet the needs of local and state governments, with Internet service and all-inclusive phone features offered at an affordable rate. With Cebod Telecom’s cloud phone service for government agencies, enjoy all of the features needed to run operations smoothly and effectively. It’s the most simple and effective way to improve communication services at the local and state levels.


Cebod Telecom provides high performance phone services and systems for government agencies that won’t compromise on quality, yet still keeps costs manageable and affordable. Our cloud phone services are ideal for local and state government agencies. We provide a phone service for government agencies with all premium PBX features for one affordable price.

All-Inclusive Features

Cebod Telecom is proud to offer a cloud phone service solution with all of the features that government agencies need today. There’s no need to worry about choosing and paying for individual services with our exclusive all in one plan. Everything that local and state governments need to ensure effective operations, we can provide with our virtual phone system.

Reliable Service

We offer reliable service that our clients can count on. Business phone system for government services that can be relied upon, day in and day out, just what government facility needs. Seamless communication between departments, agencies, and coworkers which is critical at the government level, especially when it comes to areas like law enforcement, healthcare, emergency services, and more.

Pay per line, not per user

Business with 20 employees may require 10 phone lines as compared to paying for dedicated phone line for each employee. Cebod Telecom is the ideal business phone system solution, enabling clients to effortlessly and successfully collaborate from anywhere in the world – creating lasting, rewarding relationships with clients, partners, and team members.


Plans and Pricing

Pay for certain number of phone lines required, not for every user in the company. Receive premium features with every phone plan and support for one or multiple business locations.
Basic Plan


Effective Price per User/Mo
37+ Phone Lines
Business Phone Service Plan
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Effective Price per User/Mo
10 – 36 Phone Lines
Business Phone Service Plan
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Enterprise Plan


Effective Price per User/Mo
2-9 Phone Lines
Business Phone Service Plan
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Where We are Best

Information Security

Using a cloud phone system, implies being hosted in the cloud. This means that data is stored in a secure server and is accessible at all times and nothing is lost in situation of power outage or disruption of services. Cebod Telecom is compliant with the U.S. Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) and Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) regulations.

Best for Government Agencies

Cebod Telecom Cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud, helping government agencies to have huge savings on hardware, equipment, maintenance and labor. The entire phone system is maintained and managed by us. Receive phone numbers and begin using phone services in few clicks.

Support and Maintenance of Phone System for Tax Offices

With Cebod Telecom Business Phone System you get Rollover Lines, Follow Me, Find Me Record every phone conversation, 3-Way Calling, Fax, Block Telemarketing Call, Call Logs, Call Queue And Much More

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    Implementing a single phone system is one of the smartest things that your company can do, especially as you grow and expand into new locations. With one multiple office business phone system for all office locations, your company can run smoothly, improve the customer experience, and enjoy an affordable, secure and dependable service options.