How to Manage Phone Settings from the device?

Active Call Features

  •  Blind Transfer- Press *1
  •  Call Recording- Press *2
  • Attended Transfer to Internal Number- Press *4
  • Send call directly to VM – Press *5
  • Attended Transfer to External Number- Press *7
  • Call Park- Press *9



Call Block 

  • Delete Blocked Number-Press*60 followed by the phone number
  •  Block Phone Number-Press *61 followed by the phone number
  • Check if the Number is Blocked– Press *62 followed by the phone number


 Call Forward

  • Call Forward from Extension– Press*72
  • Cancel Call Forward- Press *73
  • Call Forward on No Answer– Press *74
  • Cancel Call Forward on No Answer– Press *75
  • Call Forward from any station– Press *76
  • Cancel Call Forward from other extension– Press *77



Call Park

  • Press *9 on the keypad or “call park” soft key on your phone.
  • The call gets assigned an extension where the is call parked and it is announced to the user 85xx(where xx is a number starting from 01 to 99)



Call Recording

  • Press *2 from your phone while in call to record your phone conversation



Call Transfer

  • Blind Transfer- Press *1 followed by extension or any  phone number
  • Attended Transfer to internal extension number– Press *4 followed by extension number
  • Attended Transfer to external number– Press*7 followed by the phone number



Call Queue

  • Join Call Queue– Dial * 51 and Enter Queue #of the queue to join on the prompt
  • Leave Call Queue– Dial * 52 and Enter Queue # on the prompt
  • Pickup Call Waiting in a Queue– Dial *53



Ring Groups

  • Remove from the a Group– Press*80
  • Add to Group– Press*81


1. Dial *98 from any extension in the office followed by your extension number when prompted or just enter your extension number from your phone

2. Enter voicemail password

3. Press 5 to access Advanced Options

Details for Setting Voicemail Menu


Call Center

  • Agent Login – Dial * 41
  • Agent Logoff – Dial * 42
  • Agent On Break – Dial *43
  • Agent Available on Demand – Dial *44



Call Monitoring

  • Dial *88{ExtensionNumber}
  • By Default you will join as silent.
    Press 2 To Whisper to Agent
    Press 1 to Whisper to Other Side.
    Press 3 to talk to both parties
    Press 0 to be Silent again. 

Learn how to manage phone system on admin portal.  Call us at 1-800-839-3817 if still need answers to any questions.