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One Business Phone System for Multiple Offices

Bring all office locations together under a single VoIP Cloud Based Phone System. A Cost-effective, Reliable and Secure Business Solution for your various office location.


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One Virtual Phone System for All Office Locations

Cost Effective. Reliable. Dependable. Secure

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Implementing a single phone system is one of the smartest things that your company can do, especially as you grow and expand into new locations. With one multiple office business phone system for all office locations, your company can run smoothly, improve the customer experience, and enjoy an affordable, secure and dependable service options.

multiple office location phone system


Ring Groups

Create a hunt group, where staff can answer phone calls for a particular department, regardless of geography.


Voicemail and Fax

Send voice mails and e-fax between offices using phone extensions with customizable menu.

Phone Directory

Share one common phone directory between different office locations.


Time Based Routing

All calls can be routed to various office locations and personal mobile phones based on time and day.


Unlimited Extensions

Unlimited extensions between offices saves time and money, increasing work efficiency.


Auto Attendant

Virtual receptionist welcomes clients with custom greetings and directs them to the right person in specific office location.


One Phone System for Multiple Office Locations. We develop custom-tailored solutions for your Business.

Improved Communication within Company

  • Reaching team members in another office is same as reaching one in the same location or building.
  • Leads to greater accountability, since staff members will be able to simply pick up the line and dial an extension to reach their coworkers and counterparts in other locations.
  • It can help to improve the workflow, reduce miscommunications.
  • Brings employees together as a united team, no matter what part of the country they’re located in.
multiple office phone system

With one Multiple office business phone system we bring different office locations together helps create a smooth, seamless experience for your customers, irrespective of geography.

Instant Activation of Service, Pre-Configured Phones for All Offices

 Several Plans and Pricing to Meet Your Company Need

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multiple office business phone system

Dependable and Reliable Phone System

  • Cut monthly telecom expenses by up to 80%.
  • Easily manage multiple offices under one account and one invoice.
  • Information is secured and available at all time.
  • No information is lost in situation of power outage or disruption in services.
one business phone system for multiple offices

Easy Management of All Locations

  • Phone system is skillfully managed 24/7 by Cebod Telecom team
  • Add/Delete staff members to existing systems with just a few clicks.
  • Free automatic system upgrades.
  • Central Management of all sites through one online account.

In situation of power outage or a disruption in service at one of the offices, your company can still take calls and assist customers from another location.

multiple office business phone system

One comprehensive VoIP phone system is a smart, cost-effective, and efficient solution for any business that has multiple locations. Conduct business anywhere, anytime using a laptop or a smartphone..

Phone Service Plans and Pricing



What is the cost difference between onsite and cloud phone system?

Onsite PBX comes with both visible and hidden costs. The hardware and phones are visible expenses but PBX licensing, setting, implementation etc. are some of other costs which indirectly increases TCO (Total cost of ownership) then what is expected in the first place. On average, a company can save up to 80% or more by switching to cloud. Learn More

What phone features come with multiple office business phone system?

Our business phone service empowers your office with the best enterprise level voice, shared lines, 3-way conference, sequential calling, rollover calls, cloud phone features, business PBX features and enhanced user experience. There are endless possibilities and ways of using 40+ all-inclusive PBX features. The wide range of phone service options at no extra cost allows a business to grow exponentially without ever investing again in a completely new phone system. Learn More

How will cloud based services help me connect different offices?

With on-site phone system, business exchange lines such as MPLS, PSTN are required to establish communications between two sites, or among multiple sites and requires hiring of technical staff for each office location. Our multiple office business phone system takes away this burden off your shoulders and provides seamless communications between offices. We manage and maintain your phone system by hosting it within our remote data center.  Learn More


What expenses are associated with multiple office business phone system?

The costs associated with premise based phone system for each office is more than the initial capital expense of basic hardware and phone sets for all the offices. Some of the common costs are PBX hardware, initial licensing, maintenance, hardware, firmware and software upgrades, separate local and toll free numbers or Fax number. Learn More


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