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How to Block Ghost Calls on VoIP - Cebod Telecom

How to Block Ghost Calls on VoIP

Ghost calls are an annoyance for anyone who uses VoIP phone systems. Also

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Businesses were thrown into chaos recently when it was announced that the Barracuda

Replacement Needed for Barracuda Cudatel VoIP Phone System

Barracuda has made the decision to kill the Cudatel VoIP system starting in

Yealink and Cebod Telecom Join Hands to Explore Western VoIP Market in United States

Yealink, the global leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, and Cebod

6 reasons Why business with multiple locations should invest into VOIP

Running a business from multiple locations can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare.

Is VOIP Good Choice for Multiple Office Locations?

Do you want a synchronized phone service that covers your entire company? It’s