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  Transition to Cloud 

PBX SIP Trunking Service. 


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Why Choose Cebod Telecom as SIP Trunking Service Provider?


With Cebod Telecom, transitioning your organization’s communications infrastructure to the cloud has never been easier. We offer the highest quality VOIP solutions for your business communication needs with SIP trunk service. We let you upgrade and make outbound/inbound phone calls from your current phone system without any new equipment and at a price that saves you money.

Unlimited Calling Nationwide

SIP Trunking Service with us offers you unlimited calls anywhere within US and Canada, as well as extremely low rates for international calls.



We offer plans and pricing for any size organization. Only pay for what you need. As your business grows, so can your plan. There is no burdensome contract to sign, and you can change your plan at any time.



Our systems operate with a 99.99% success rate, meaning you will almost never encounter any issues with PBX SIP Trunking Service.

You Can Keep Your PBX

Our SIP trunks service integrates easily with your current phone system, making upgrading easy and cost effective – translating into savings for you and your business.

Customer Service

Should your system ever encounter a problem, Cebod Telecom is there to help you right away with our best PBX SIP trunking service. We take your business as serious as you do, and will work to solve any issue immediately. 100% Guaranteed!


VOIP Features

Replace traditional phone lines with SIP Trunk service provider and get Toll free numbers, HD voice quality, Codec support, scalable service, E-911 and many more.

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between SIP and PRI 

Increase Business Efficiency While Saving Money

With Cebod Telecom SIP Trunk service provider, you dramatically decrease your communications costs by integrating our network into your existing PBX equipment.


  • Instant access to the Cloud
  • IP based communications without any new equipment costs to your PBX
  • All-Inclusive pricing with flat per-trunk charges
  • Optimize bandwidth dynamically -for data when phones are idle or for voice when needed

Stability and Permanence

Never miss a call again – while using PBX SIP trunking service– even in the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseen issue.


  • Route your calls to phone numbers outside your existing phone system
  • Employ automatic call re-routing, load sharing, and failover measures
  • Boost your service time response during high call volume hours
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SIP Trunking

Try us for 30 days free with money back guarantee.

We Grow as You Grow

As your company grows, so will our services to you.


  • Adjust the number of SIP Trunks you need for local, toll-free, long distance and international calls without any limitation
  • Gain HD quality service with messaging, video, and a host of other exceptional features
  • Keep your current phone number from your previous communications provider.


We are your business partner and want to help you succeed!

One Stop for VOIP Business Phone Solutions and Internet Services.

If still not sure, we will be happy to give you a free demo of our PBX SIP Trunking Service with no commitments.  

Call us today at 1-800-839-3817 or write to us at : sales@cebodtelecom.com

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