Santa Ana Phone Numbers with Area Code 714

Grow your business presence in Santa Ana City

Create Your Business Presence with Santa Ana Local Phone Numbers Area Code: 714

Santa Ana is located in area code 714. You can use Cebod Telecom virtual phone service to purchase a local Santa Ana area code for your business. With the cover of 27.5 square miles with Santa Ana area code you will be able to connect with the local customer base in the city and access a population of around 337,000 people. Santa Ana founded in 1869 and the city is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. Santa Ana shares his name with the nearby Santa Ana Mountains, and the Santa Ana winds. It’s an home of over 500+ companies and headquarters of the many big businesses.

If your customers are in area code 714 you can easily get virtual local phone numbers for this area code. Customers always prefer local businesses. By having a local virtual phone number from major cities like Santa Ana you will presence across USA. Apart from this area code you can also get the virtual phone number with 562, 657, 949 area codes in Santa Ana.

 Virtual Phone System Benefits

Cloud Business PBX

50 +  Advanced PBX features such as unlimited extensions, voicemail, call forwarding and call management.

Plans and Pricing

Affordable Business Phone Service. No hidden fee. Pay per line not per user


Local Presence

Create a Local Business presence in Santa Ana CA. Phone service can be accessed anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Plug and Play

Instant Activation. Register and choose a business number or use the existing phone number. Simple setup.


Add new phone lines, phones, and services whenever you like


No New Hardware

Phone System is hosted in the cloud, and don’t require installing any expensive equipment on your part. No hassle about having a burden of upgrades and upkeep.

Additional Phone Numbers

Spending only $3/month get an additional local/toll free phone numbers. Which helps you to grow your business in the local areas as fast as you want.

Easy Settings

Get customize phone setting on Web Portal with tutorials. Manage your phone setting at your own with the help of your tutorials at our Web Portal.


Vanity Numbers

Get toll-free vanity number for your business at one time small fee of $30. It will help you in your business communication and in your advertising campaigns

How to buy a local phone number?

1.Register on the Cebod Telecom portal

2. Add Balance and activate your virtual phone service

3. Once your service is activated you can request new virtual phone numbers or port existing phone number



how to buy a virtual phone number

Why Choose Cebod Telecom?

  • Experience a wide range of 50 + features with no extra cost.
  •  User-friendly web portal with all the necessary functions according to your business needs.
  • 24/7 customer support for setup, management, and more.
  • Buy preconfigured VoIP-phones
  • Unique Pay per Line pricing model

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Do you have phone numbers from other Santa Ana Area Codes available?
Yes! We offer local phone numbers from all the area codes in US. You can check for availability by logging into your user portal. If you are having difficulty or would like to learn more about Santa Ana area codes or any other area code then please send us an email
How do I use a virtual phone number?
People can dial your virtual phone number to reach you just like any other phone number, and the experience is exactly the same for the caller. The only difference is that, when the call comes in through your virtual number, it is then immediately routed to your phones and begins to ring those phones.
What if i already own some numbers from Santa Ana area code?
Well if you already own Santa Ana Phone numbers from other carriers and would like to transfer those numbers over to us. Then you can easily do so by submitting a port in order by logging into your portal.
How does virtual phone numbers work?
A virtual phone number is a most proficient way of communication in modern era. But how does it work? It does not require a SIM card or a physical address. It only uses your internet connection to get telephone calls between two people. These virtual phone number get calls through VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

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