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VoIP business phone service provider, Cebod Telecom do more than just offer you a solution for making phone calls.

Why Choose Cebod Telecom as VOIP Phone Service Provider ?

Get Hassle Free, Worry Free, High Call Quality VoIP Business Phone Service and System

Unified Communication with Employees

  •  Join conference calls with one another, share data and documents easily, and  have access to the phone system anywhere in the world.

Improve Customer Service with VoIP Business Phone Service

  •  Enhance your overall customer service experience. Not only do we provide you with an easier, faster way of communicating with your employees, but also with your clients.

Save Your Money

  • Our VoIP phone service provides you with a solution to cut the phone system costs significantly in a year.

Easier Telecommunicating

  • Everything is operated online, which means all your customers or employees need is an internet connection to get in touch with you.

We give you and your team members the unity you’ve been seeking. Choose Cebod Telecom VOIP business phone service and save 80% or more on phone bills monthly.

Easy to Install, Use, and Even Troubleshoot

  • VoIP business phone system reduces the amount of technology involved by eliminating the need for cables and other technological devices.
  • Internet data is stored over the cloud , so troubleshooting is easier than ever.
  • Simple Plug and Play VOIP phone service.


Never Miss a Call Again

even in the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseen issue.

  • Route your calls to phone numbers outside your existing phone system.
  • Employ virtual assistant to direct caller to right department, person as needed.


What is Business Phone Service?

Free Number Porting

Free Phone System

Free Trial


voip business phone providers



All-inclusive basic and premium cloud PBX features with Pay-Per-Line Business Phone System.


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Is VOIP Phone service reliable?

The internet VoIP business phone service is not only affordable but also reliable. Your clients can call one local or toll free phone number to reach your business and can be directed to sales team in Chicago, support in New York or after hours calls in India. Manage all phone lines under one online account and one invoice.

Does the fax service cost extra money?

Fax as well as other premium features are offered free of charge with every phone plan.  Choose from traditional fax, fax via email or combo fax and stay ahead in business.

Choose Cebod Telecom as your VoIP Business Phone Service Provider

If still not sure, we will be happy to give you a free demo of VoIP Business Phone Service with no commitments.

Call us today at 1-800-839-3817 or write to us at : sales@cebodtelecom.com

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