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Cebod Telecom VOIP phone service is your solution.

  • Make/ receive calls on desktop app/ mobile phone
  • Send SMS from business phone number
  • Click to call directly from web page
  • Unlimited USA/ Canada calling
  • 50 + Features
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How work from home VoIP phone service works?

Remote workforce implementation is a sign of a revolutionary change in business management strategies. The ability to have a seamless communication system for the workforce is the main challenge why some businesses were still sceptical about remote workforce however VoIP has introduced a solution to the problem. The system uses a technology that transmits data through the use of the internet. This makes the workforce capable of connecting with anyone anywhere at any time by transmitting data in form of audio, video calls, photo and files.

Plan and Pricing

Robust Functionality for Working from Home

Run business from anywhere with unified communication and integrated platforms


Send text messages and multimedia messages from business phone number

Expedited Number Porting

No charge for porting in phone numbers from another vendor

Real Time Analytics

Monitor and Manage employee activities in real time.


Each phone line comes with all basic and premium features.

Unlimited USA/ Canada Calling

Call within USA and Canada unlimited

Unlimited User Extensions

Create as many as user extensions as needed.

50 Plus All-Inclusive Features

Basic VoIP Features


Auto Attendant

Music on Hold

Dial By Name

Call Recording

Fax to Email

Voicemail to Email

Advance VoIP Features

Account Management

HD Call Quality

Time Based Routing

Call Forwarding

Call Block

Call Queue

Call Screening

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