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Can I Use My Existing Phone Number if I switch to VoIP?

Most of the offices tend to use the same phone number for many years. As a result, this phone number often becomes the identity their business. This is why most of the companies are not willing to abandon their old phone numbers while switching to VoIP. Fortunately, it is possible to continue using the same existing phone number while switching over to a VoIP phone service.

The feature that allows users to retain their old phone number even after a change in service provider is called portability.


What is Portability?

The Federal Communications Commission, an independent body that regulates television, wires, radio, cable, and satellite communication in the US, requires all US-based VoIP service providers to offer number portability. Most of the VoIP service providers now offer this facility for free.


How much does it cost to port phone numbers to a VOIP phone service provider?

However, it is important to note certain things while porting a number from a traditional or VoIP service provider to another VoIP service . Though porting is always possible, some service providers may charge for porting the existing number. On the other hand, there are companies like Cebod Telecom that offer free porting facility to all their customers.


Business is moving to a new location, can we keep the same phone number?

Number porting is not possible for the traditional phone numbers when shifting to a new location because this will result in a change in the area code. With VOIP, you can move business from New York to Chicago and still keep existing phone number with New York area code.


About Cebod Telecom phone service

Cebod Telecom provide its customers with preconfigured VOIP phones and once the phone numbers are  ported, phone service starts working without any additional configuration.  There is zero downtime when switching to them. In case of emergency, Cebod Telecom can also provide with temporary phone numbers until the porting process from the previous business phone service vendor is completed



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