Call Logs

Call Logs allows you to view vital data concerning both the daily inbound and outbound calls your business receives.

Analyze your business call history with VOIP phone system call log feature

Call Logs allows you to keep complete record of daily inbound and outbound calls and faxes for your business. You can customize each report on your companies call activity, and view detailed information concerning your call records by simply logging into your administrator account calls and faxes. With call logs, know the name of the caller, the time call was made, duration of the call and the number or extension dialed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use call logos?

 To view your company’s call data, simply set a start date and end date for your query, in the Call Logs menu. Then run the report and convert it into a PDF or export it into Excel. The data is ready to print for your files. If you need to access daily call data, simply set a start time and end time for the date that you select. You can even customize the report by specifying whether you want to review inbound, outbound calls and the type of call, such as voice or fax. It’s that easy! 

What are benefits of call logs?

Share call log information with authorized users through email, Listen to recorded phone calls through downloading and playback, Schedule call log reports to be automatically delivered to your email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, Return any calls or messages as reviewed in the report

What about data storage? Is the call log data secure?

Never lose track of your call data again. Call Logs store your company’s inbound and outbound call records for up to 3 years for you to review, and you have direct access to your voicemails and fax information for up to 3 month in your online account. Every call is date and time stamped. Use this information to help gauge the growing needs of your business, enhance employee training, and ensure that your customer needs are being met.

Why do my business need call logs?

With Call Logs, Cebod Telecom allows you to access important data that helps you forecast your company’s costs and track your productivity. Use it to learn more about your customer demographics and find out who your employees are calling in order to help you track company expenses, transactions, as well as billing information. With Call Logs, you can keep track of a whole host of important business data right at the touch of a button.

How much does call log feature cost?

Never pay extra for call log feature. Access important call data through the use of our Call Logs feature, which is included for free with every business plan that we offer

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