call park

Put incoming call on hold in the cloud so that anyone in your company can take the call

With call park, answer parked calls in the cloud from any phone in your business.

The call park feature allows a user to place a call on hold and then retrieve it from any other phone on the same phone system. This feature is commonly used in businesses or organizations where employees need to transfer calls between departments or locations.

When a call is parked, it is placed in a virtual "parking lot" and given a unique number or code. The user can then retrieve the call from any phone by dialing the code or number associated with the parked call. This allows employees to move freely around the office or work remotely while still being able to access calls as needed.

The call park feature is especially useful in situations where a call needs to be transferred to a specific person who may not be at their desk, or if a call needs to be escalated to a manager or supervisor. By parking the call, the user can ensure that it is not lost or forgotten while waiting for the appropriate party to become available.

Call Park helps thrive your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Call Park Works?

When your business experiences high call volume, it’s inevitable to put a number of customers on hold – but you don’t want them to wait forever, or transfer from one extension to another and make them frustrated or even don’t want them directed to voicemail. Call Park allows you to avoid such circumstances by parking their call in the cloud from VOIP Phone, Mobile phone or soft phone.

What are the benefits of Call Park?

With Cebod Telecom’s call park feature, you can park up to 99 calls at one time, regardless of whether they are inbound or outbound calls. Call Park feature includes automatic ring back. If a phone call goes unanswered after five minutes, the call is rerouted back to you to ensure that the customer is properly attended to. You can even park calls while you’re out of the office using a few simple commands from your smart phone. Call Park is supported remotely through your system’s routing guidelines; thus you’ll never need to worry about an important phone call while you travel. Call Park even lets you park high priority calls in locations that demand greater security. Such calls are only visible to users authorized in the same group where the call must be handled.

How much does Call Park Feature Cost?

The features comes free when you sign up for Cebod Telecom business phone service. Retrieve any phone call from any phone in your office to reduce hold time. Never let a call go unanswered while customer calls are always answered in a timely manner

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