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Dial By Name

Having dial by name as a feature for your business line will make sure that the line is technologically up to date and easy to use. Forgetting extensions is an easy thing to do. Many customers or vendors may also not memorize the extension of the person that they are working with. To make finding a specific person easier and keep wait times low, you can use the dial by name option.

How does it work?

  • Customer is greeted by the Auto Attendantwho prompts the caller to select the option (Dial By Name)
  • Upon selection the caller is prompted to enter the name of agent to be called
  • Caller gets connected with the agent they needed to speak to

Here’s how using Dial by Name helps your business thrive:

System Name Usage- Using dial by name with the Auto Attendant will allow the person’s name to be programmed in, then the Auto Attendant will connect the person’s extension. Depending on the number of people in the company, you may elect to use last names for extensions, or full names in order to keep the system together.

Auto Attending Aid- Using Auto Attendant can also help with people who have issues with sight dialing on the telephone. Being able to connect to the person they need directly rather than having to find an extension makes things easier for the front desk point of contact, as well as customers and vendors. By simply using a directory, call wait times can be heavily reduced, which means your business can provide excellent customer service since calls can be directed to the correct person quicker.