Dynamic Caller ID

Change your caller ID to create a local presence for outbound calling

With Dynamic Caller ID, Increase Customer Engagement

Dynamic Caller ID is a feature that allows businesses to customize the caller ID that is displayed to the person receiving the call. Unlike traditional Caller ID, which displays a fixed phone number or name associated with the calling party, Dynamic Caller ID allows businesses to dynamically display a different phone number or name depending on the situation.

If you want to make your calling campaign more successful then create a local presence by using Dynamic Caller ID. Research has proven that call pickup rates goes up by 20% when the call comes from a local phone number instead of a toll-free or unknown area code.

This feature is also known as Smart Caller ID, and it helps Cebod Telecom customers to display a local phone number to the caller when dialed. People are more inclined to pick up a call when the Caller ID is from their state, city, or local area codes.

Dynamic Caller ID helps thrive your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when customers return a call to the caller ID shown?

When setting up Dynamic Caller ID, one phone number can be designated as a main target number and when the customer calls back on Caller ID number shown , the call can be redirected to the target phone number or main business phone number. You also have option of selecting intelligent routing. The return call can also be routed to the last phone line that dialed the number within the previous seven days or target /main business phone number after 7 days.

How much does it cost to get Dynamic Caller ID?

Dynamic Caller ID is free for Cebod Telecom customers. Use this feature to broadcast campaigns and increase customer engagement.

What are the benefits of Dynamic Caller ID

Use the same phone system to represent multiple businesses and select the most appropriate number to call from. Create a local presence in any market and appear more personal and professional to those you call. Dynamic Dialer can choose the best phone number with area code to call from based on the recipient’s phone number and geographical location. Call the customer with a localized caller ID on a landline or, mobile cell phone. Customers are more likely to call back on a phone number with a local presence. Experience 20% and more call back rate with Dynamic Caller ID.

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