Local Numbers

Virtual phone number gives your business a local presence

Give your business a local presence with virtual phone number for customers to call

Does your business need a local number? Nowadays, it’s all about the location of a business. Enterprises can have a better visibility and therefore local presence– by simply buying a local phone number. Get one free local phone number or toll-free number with every phone line purchased with us. Local Phone numbers available covering any area code in the US and Canada or you can port Existing Numbers free of charge. No downtime and get complete IT support from Cebod Team.

IVR helps thrive your business.

Local Numbers FAQs

How do I order local phone numbers?

When you signup for Cebod Telecom services, the system will prompt you to choose local number or toll free number for every phone line purchased.

When can I start using the local phone number?

Once the signup is complete, you can begin using the new local phone number with an ease.

How many local phone numbers can I get?

You can get as many local numbers need by for your business. Each phone line comes with one local or toll free phone number and additional numbers for any local area code in USA and Canada can be bought at minimal charges of $3.99 per month including all basic and premium features.

Can I buy virtual phone numbers with different area codes?

Yes. You can buy local numbers of any area code, irrespective of your office location.

How much does it cost to port phone numbers to Cebod Telecom?

It does not cost you any money to port phone numbers to Cebod Telecom. We provide free of charge porting of phone numbers for incoming numbers for all businesses. There is no downtime.

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