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 Ring Groups

Call load sharing made easy by creating groups. Ring Groups are a way to create groups for an office phone system based on the department, expertise or the location.

Benefits of Ring Groups 

  • Auto attendant receives all calls and prompts the caller to select options such as, “Press 1 for sales,” etc. and then rings into the group created for that specific department, location or any other criterion
  • Ring Groups are very easy to create and manage
  • It work’s best with large call volumes.
  • This is a great way to ensure that the calls are distributed to everyone in a group evenly

Create Ring Groups- Handle Calls Better

How the Call is routed within your Ring Group ?

Once the call is made to the assigned ring group, you can choose to have the calls handled in the following ways.


  1. Sequential:  All the incoming calls are processed in a sequential order as received or assigned by you in your Cebod Telecom online web account.
  2. Simultaneous: All the incoming calls  can be processed simultaneously.
  3. Random: The calls can be handled randomly also. This means rotating the calls at random and allowing the system to decide which extension receives the call.

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