Shared Lines

Share Lines is an cost-effective solution for small to mid size business, leading to increase in productivity- Answer incoming calls from multiple devices!
  • Ideal for restaurants, retail stores, and dental office or any small to mid size business.
  • Pick up and answer any incoming call on any phone in the location.
  • Put the incoming call on hold, pick it up from any another phone in the location without transferring the call.
  • Decrease or eliminate the number of missed calls from your customers
  • Keep the same caller Id and phone number for all inbound and out bound calls
  • Get as many share lines needed for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of paying per phone line? Does your business need unified communications but can’t find the right answer?Our low cost phone service for with all basic and advanced features is the answer.

How many phones can I assign to a Shared Lines group?
You can assign unlimited desktop phones to every shared line group.
How many shared lines groups can I create?
You can create unlimited shared line groups through your online Cebod Telecom web account
What desk phone models support Shared Lines feature?
Polycom desk phones (321, 335, 550, 650HD, VVX-310, VVX-410, VVX-500), Yealink , Granstream and Linksys/SPA phones support all-inclusive shared line feature.
Do all the phones have to be in the same location?
All phones assigned to a Shared Line group should be in the same physical location.
How many Shared Line groups can I set up for my business?
There is no limitations on the number of groups that can be set up. However, all phones in the same Shared Line group must be in the same location.

Cebod Team will be happy to provide you with information about Shared Lines plans, extensions and boxes per line. With only knowing your staff number and the calling varieties, we will be able to provide plans and pricing to meet your needs.

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