Time Based Routing

Route your calls based on time. For example, if a customer in East Coast calls outside office hour times, and the staff have already left for home, you can forward the call to your office at West Coast, which is still open.

Time Based Routing

Time-based routing is a call routing feature that allows businesses to direct incoming calls to specific destinations based on the time of day, day of the week, or date. With this feature, businesses can set up rules that determine where calls are directed during different times of the day or week, ensuring that calls are handled appropriately based on the business's operating hours.

The biggest advantage of time based routing is that your business phone is capable of handling calls automatically. This leads to greater client satisfaction. You can set up your IVR based on time. All calls after office hours can be forwarded to voicemail or can be routed to various office locations based on time. The calls can be forwarded to your personal mobile phone after specified time.

Time-based routing is a useful feature for businesses with multiple locations or remote workers, as it can help direct calls to the appropriate destination based on the time zone of the caller or the location of the person answering the call. It can also help businesses manage high call volumes during peak hours, ensuring that customers receive timely and effective support.

Time Based Routing helps thrive your business.

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