Video Conferencing

Level-up your productivity with VoIP’s High tech video conferencing enabling live chat and screen sharing features for upgraded business communication.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a communication feature that allows people to connect and interact with each other in real-time using video and audio. With video conferencing, participants can see and hear each other as if they were in the same room, even if they are located in different parts of the world.

Video conferencing feature enables two or more individuals to establish visual communication over the internet. This next-level technology has got an edge over traditional conference phones with real-time data including live chat sessions, quick audio-visual communication, and screen sharing.

Video conferencing allows multiple people to communicate in a virtual environment despite their geographical location. People can not only hear each other but can also see and share important data right at the moment. Its easy to set up while using our VOIP phone service. Now you can hold your video conferences over VoIP. It is secure, fast, reliable, and comes with an easy download from app store.

Video Conferencing helps thrive your business.

Benefits of Auto Attendant Feature


No need for expensive Traditional PBX and conference phones. Video conferencing simplifies the process and is completely cloud-based. Which means there are no extra expenditures. This technology sets you free from the trouble of bulky communication hardware. It helps you create a collaborative meeting environment for a relatively low cost.

Desktop and Mobile App

The availability of desktop and mobile applications has made it possible to communicate beyond the boundaries of a physical office location. Now no matter where you are, you can access all your details and join meetings just by a single click. Smartphone-based apps have made the concept of instant meeting more enjoyable. Today there is communication regardless of the Geographical Location!

High Performance

Reliable and upbeat performance is the key to the success of video conferencing. The high-performance video chat is here to assist you so you may not miss any important presentation detail. High-definition (HD) video calling, lag free screen sharing, loud and clear audio quality, Video conferencing has it all!

Guest Viewing

Guest attendees can join the meeting directly from their web browser. There is absolutely no need to install any plugins.

HD Quality

Participants can experience a reliable and interruption-free visual environment to express their opinions. By using a proven VoIP platform we thrive in HD quality. Serving you with nothing, but the best.

No time limits

Step-up your visual collaborations with our limit-free 24/7 web conferences. Communicate your message and attend all professional collaborations with full confidence as there are no time limits.

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