Voicemail to Email

Obsessive email checker? Obsessive phone checker? Make your life easier by bringing your voicemail to your email inbox.

Save time and become more efficient in the office by getting your voicemail delivered directly to your email inbox with quality transcriptions included. With a click of a button, you’ll get a notification whenever someone sends a voicemail to you.

Voicemail to Email helps thrive your business

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voicemail to Email?

Voicemail to email is the revolutionary VOIP feature helping you to streamline your business. Quickly reply to voicemail messages by having your voicemail and email in one inbox. Voicemail to email allows you to scan your voicemail messages into your inbox. Get the text transcript or the original audio message and decide when to reply to it wherever your operatives are. Accessibility and convenience like this have never been so affordable. Even when you’re away from your desk, you can easily view or listen to your messages. Simply configure your voicemail settings to send an email of the text transcription or audio file. Voicemail to email makes it so you don’t have to listen to the full audio recording of each message. Incoming voicemails are transcribed automatically and you’ll still have access to the unedited audio version if you want to compare the transcription to the original voicemail. Each phone extension and department comes with its own free voicemail inbox that gives you multiple options for managing voice messages. Some of the most popular options include Cebod Telecom app, Desk phone, Email, Mobile device, Desktop app

Why You Need Voicemail to Email in Your Business?

Voicemail to email is all about taking an archaic manner of receiving voicemail and dragging it into the 21st century. This is about streamlining your business and helping your team members concentrate on the things that really matter. Get your voicemail messages sooner. Screen calls and set different priority levels so you can respond to the most important voicemail messages first. Check your voicemail anytime quickly and easily. Stuck in a meeting and can’t talk? Just check the text transcript instead of leaving the room. Waiting on an important client? Find out the moment you get a voicemail from them. Get your messages in text or voice format. Decide how you want to reply and when you want to reply. Notifications of new voicemails can be stored and filed however you like, just like with email.

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