Call Forwarding

Call forwarding, which is also known as call diversion, is a VOIP feature that allows incoming calls to be redirected to another destination, such as another telephone handset, extension, cell phone.


How much does call forwarding cost?

Cebod Telecom offers a free call forwarding feature with every phone line package along with other 50 plus features.


What are the benefits of call forwarding?

Before we understand the worth of call forwarding, let us understand how important a call is for a business. Almost 80% of business conversation happens on the phone. Almost 85% of customers won’t call you back even if the call is not answered. If a call is not answered within 90 seconds, the customer will hang up once and for all. The above statistics show that the importance of a call for business. Hence, if you want to weave success, you must find ways to get hold of every incoming call. The call forwarding feature is what you need at this point in time. Read More


What are the different types of call forwarding?

Based on under which condition calls will be forwarded, call forwarding is divided into the below-mentioned categories.

Call Forwarding Always: Under this category, all the incoming calls will be forwarded to the chosen destination. Most businesses use this when one line is temporarily out-of-order.

Call Forwarding if Busy: If the dialed line is already busy then you can forward the incoming calls to the next available line with this call forwarding option. Read More





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