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Start leveraging our medical office phone service to build a stellar reputation for your clinic while trimming down the communication expenses. Call us today, to find more about the hosted VoIP service.

Putting your patients first is the number one priority when it comes to running your medical practice.  Whether you are a family medical practitioner, or a physician, one key element that ensures your patients have the highest level of care is to provide quality access to medical service needed. Use Cebod Telecom business phone system for crystal clear call quality and efficiency.

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  • Reliable, flexible, scalable and affordable Office Phone Services.
  • No expensive phone system to purchase.
  • Get the feel of a larger medical practice, phones can ring simultaneously at office and residence landline or cell phone.


Appointment Reminders

Custom Greeting

Free Number Porting

Attract new patients and retain the existing ones by delivering a high level of customer experience by moving to Cebod Telecom advanced medical office phone service without spending a fortune.

Call Block

Block unwanted phone calls that clog up your phone lines and prevent patient access.

Local Numbers

Choose a new local phone number or keep the existing number , keeping a local community presence for the patients. Port your existing phone number FREE with no downtime at all.

Call Logs

They offer easy tracking of incoming calls for follow up with patients who don’t leave messages but are in need of care.


When a callers dials your business phone number, if the line is busy, then the call is automatically transferred (rollover) to the next line and hence forth. Similar to traditional multiline phone system


Use traditional fax machine and /or go paperless virtual fax option. You can also use both without any additional charges.

Toll Free

You can elect to have a toll free number as well if your office is a national or trans-state entity, or if you want to let your out-of-area-code patients know they can call their health care provider toll free.

Call Forwarding

Utilize this feature to redirect all incoming calls to your medical office to one or more preferred number/s whenever you are away from your work extension.

Auto Attendant

Custom greetings welcome the patient and gives them the freedom to get basic questions answered with talking to the receptionist.

Enhance patient experience by utilizing the Cloud Phone Service for medical office from Cebod Telecom

Earn more, save more and grow your practice

Keep your Existing Phone Number, Instant Activation, Get Pre-Configured Phones

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Free Maintenance

  • VOIP Phone System is skillfully managed updated, and operated by a team of Cebod Telecom IT experts.
  • Adding new staff members to your VOIP Phone System can be done quickly, and effectively with minimal effort!
  • There is no costly hardware to buy with a VOIP Phone Systems
One phone system for multiple offices


Cost Effective

  •  Cut monthly telecom expenses by up to 80%.
  • Easily manage multiple medical offices under one account and one invoice.
  • Unlimited Extensions – No per user charge.
Plans and Pricing

Call Management

  • Auto Attendant or office staff can easily route or transfer phone call between multiple offices.
  • Integrate with CRM so that when patients call your practice, their history, appointments, notes, and billing data appear on the assistant’s screen.
  • Receptionist can easily forward, route or transfer phone calls between multiple offices.
How does phone system work?

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does the phone system for medical office cost?

The cost of the business phone system  for medical office is related to number of phone lines purchased. We charge for every phone line purchased, irrespective of the number of users on each line.  This sets us apart from our competitors who charge extra for every user or extension. Check our Plans and Pricing page for more details

How do handle calls after office hours?

  • Find Me/Follow Me: Utilize this feature to redirect all incoming calls to  the medical office (after hours) to one or more preferred number/s or whenever you are away from your work extension.
  • Business Hours:  Create different IVR menus and call forwarding settings for when the medical office is closed. An easy to use feature especially for medical practices with varying office hours and with Saturday or Sunday closures.


With new clinics in the area, is your medical practice able to stand out?

A high percentage of prospective patients of a clinic contact them via phone. Therefore, every medical office needs to implement adequate measures to impress these callers. A good phone system will make your office look extremely professional, capable, and seasoned. On the contrary, issues like long hold times, dropped calls, or busy signals can shatter the image of your office in no time. Cebod Telecom offers several automated features that can be extremely useful for your office.

The receptionist is over burdened with constant incoming calls! What should we do?

  • Roll over Call: When a callers dials your medical office phone number, if the line is busy, then the call is automatically transferred (rollover) to the next line and hence forth. Similar to traditional multiline phone system.
  • Auto Attendant: This feature offers your prospective patients the freedom to decide whether they want their basic questions to be answered or if they need to speak to someone immediately.  Auto Attendant is capable of directing the callers to recorded answers for the simplest of questions.

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